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12017-12-04 18:55:19 UTCwill_p Hi,

Great to see you are adding some buildings. Please keep in mind though that the Bing imagery around Hucknall is more than five years date of date. I mention this because I notice you have changed the Co-op store on Watnall Road back into the shape of the pub which stood there before the Co-op...
22017-12-04 23:31:32 UTCTheNottingHum Hey you are right, I knew Esri is newer but Bing is sharper so I would switch back and forth and use the best of both.
Seems I have forgotten that here but the previous drawing was a simple rectangle only and not the rebuilt shape.
This should be all fixed now, have a look.
32017-12-04 23:43:26 UTCwill_p Thanks for correcting it. All looks fine now.
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