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12018-01-06 09:47:29 UTCwill_p Hi,
It's not clear to me why you have removed the grave yard from immediately around St Mary's Church (Weston on Trent)? That area is definitely part of the grave yard (my survey photos show lots of grave stones).
Thanks, Will
22018-01-07 00:15:36 UTCTheNottingHum I was wondering myself about this case. The southwestern area around the church indeed has a few stones which however appear even more historic than the northeastern part, which is separated by a wall, and has the more recent graves in rows.
The 'amenity' tag implies some current usage to me. Would...
32018-01-07 22:39:37 UTCwill_p The main south-west section of the churchyard, around the church itself, actually still has quite a lot of gravestones, it's just that many of them have been moved and placed against the perimeter walls and a few against the church itself. Looking at my photos I estimate there are still around 100 g...
42018-01-08 09:03:46 UTCTheNottingHum Thanks. I was not aware of the practice of tidying gravestones to the sides, I assumed these to be the original places, and the middle mostly cleared out.
Following your arguments, but considering that apparently the walled and the hedged part are historically different, I have now added the grave...
12017-12-04 18:55:19 UTCwill_p Hi,

Great to see you are adding some buildings. Please keep in mind though that the Bing imagery around Hucknall is more than five years date of date. I mention this because I notice you have changed the Co-op store on Watnall Road back into the shape of the pub which stood there before the Co-op...
22017-12-04 23:31:32 UTCTheNottingHum Hey you are right, I knew Esri is newer but Bing is sharper so I would switch back and forth and use the best of both.
Seems I have forgotten that here but the previous drawing was a simple rectangle only and not the rebuilt shape.
This should be all fixed now, have a look.
32017-12-04 23:43:26 UTCwill_p Thanks for correcting it. All looks fine now.
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