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12017-03-18 20:03:28 UTCH@mlet Hello,
you mapped a pipeline in a clear cut.
Way #379513905.
However there are power lines (you can see the poles) in this cut.
What makes you think there's also a pipeline ?
Best regards.
12017-01-25 07:37:47 UTCfreeExec Почему удалено показание населения. И опять же тихим сапом и не слова об этом в комментарии.
22017-01-25 08:38:29 UTCiWowik Населенный пункты часто представлены в виде точки и границы. Если значения одних и тех же тегов на них различается, то это плохо, так как разные программы будут брат...
32017-01-25 08:42:06 UTCfreeExec Понятно, но всё таки стоило обновить старые данные, а не удалять.
42017-01-25 10:06:17 UTCiWowik Тут разные плюсы/минусы.
Так вроде меньше шансов получить расхождение в будущем, тем более никто больше за расхождениями не присматривает.
52017-01-27 13:20:45 UTCesaulenka ...и вообще, стоит чаще включать мозг и пореже делать такие мега-правки.
62017-01-28 10:35:10 UTCiWowik Интересно, как конкретная ошибка при работе с JOSM (просмотрел, что он не тот тег мне подсунул, когда я исправлял name) соотносится с объемом changeset?
72017-03-05 16:31:58 UTCH@mlet Beware, you've added a building=yes tag on a region ! Specifically relation #1751198.
I found it by chance.
You should check your recent changesets carefully for other mistakes...
82017-03-05 16:35:03 UTCH@mlet Beware, you've added a building=yes tag on a region ! Specifically relation #1751198.
I found it by chance.
You should check your recent changesets carefully for other mistakes...
12017-03-04 17:41:48 UTCH@mlet Hello,
I came to your work through a maproulette challenge about self-intersecting ways (more info :
It seems your over-simplified the road to Gey ! So It broke a few things around.
Maybe a revert would be the simplest ?
Best regards.
22017-03-05 11:32:11 UTCEugeniyKH Привет!
Я не понял где проблема, но удалил все изменения.
Сейчас проблема пропала?
Наилучшие пожелания.
32017-03-05 14:38:59 UTCEugeniyKH О, простите простите!!!
Я нашел ошибку.
Для исправить я revert 46462090
Но, я не видеть результат, дорога в Gey всё равно испорчен :((
Я неопытный пользователь, ты можешь да...
42017-03-05 15:04:59 UTCH@mlet Looks good now !
Sometimes you have to wait a bit before your changes are visible.
Thanks for correcting !
Keep up the good work.
12017-03-04 22:57:13 UTCHenkL I had to revert this (with changeset 46577431), to be able to correct a mistakes made earlier (and later) by user FredGols.
22017-03-04 23:21:40 UTCH@mlet He might need some help.
32017-03-04 23:50:27 UTCHenkL Sure, I hope he accepts some help. But he made a mess with just copy/paste houses.
And roads he adjusted don't correspond to very recent satellite images (late 2016).

I hope he will react and learn. We do need mappers with good local knowledge.

12017-03-04 17:26:17 UTCH@mlet Hello,
I don't understand why you would delete the tags of relation 1640871, but not delete the relation and its member.
I can understand that you don't want to work with old and complex landcover imports, and prefer to start from scratch, but if you clean others' work, please don't leave untagge...
12017-03-02 14:59:41 UTCH@mlet Hi !
I don't undersand what source you're using.
It says Bing but it looks more like it was mapped before on Bing !
Please ask if I'm not clear.
22017-03-03 15:35:41 UTCFredGols Hi
I am living there so i'm walking with my dog there and see the streets changing. It are most new houses there and streets are developping and changing.
32017-03-03 15:50:07 UTCH@mlet All right, you should write it in your comments, it's confusing.
You could try to get some GPX tracks uploaded.
Keep up the good work !
42017-03-03 16:23:57 UTCFredGols I just started and don't know everything jet.
52017-03-03 16:27:01 UTCH@mlet No problem !
Please ask if you need anything specific.
Good luck with your mapping !
(somme information on GPS tracks : )
12015-02-27 21:32:28 UTCH@mlet Hello,
I'm starting on the following task :
I've noticed that residential polygons in the vicinity, called "Mchenga" and "Kachulu".
But there were already some landuse=residential, created a year ago.
Also there is a "Mchenga...
22015-02-27 21:46:38 UTCwilsonandolo Hi,

Thanks for the observation. The previous data were a little flawed. Kachulu is a larger area, covering the whole s143 up to the Mchenga is a little further North. I will try to clean up the old data.

32015-02-27 21:59:41 UTCwilsonandolo Done.
42015-02-28 02:25:39 UTCH@mlet Thanks for the corrections.
I'm afraid I spotted another trouble.
If you look at the area via, at some zoom levels, you'll see that the lake is "flooded" by the wetland !
I think (not sure yet) that's it's because since this edit, the outer of the wetland relation cros...
52015-02-28 11:04:43 UTCwilsonandolo Hi.

I am not responsible for pushing the Wetland region around Likangala or Thondwe Rivers. As a matter of fact, I have also been attempting to remove this for past couple of days. It is misleading. I come form this area. Most of what is called wetland is now under active cultivation throughout ...
62015-02-28 14:03:34 UTCH@mlet All right, I'll try also to clean up, at least the crossing parts.
But my question was, is there still wetland around this lake ?
Maybe we should just delete the relation wetland.
72015-02-28 14:50:12 UTCwilsonandolo Technically, the land cover type around the lake is Wetland, and the areas are generally internationally recognized as such. However, the land use is agriculture, which is a slight variation from the strict definition of a wetland, where man does not heavily modify and determine the ecosystem. My t...
82015-02-28 15:04:15 UTCH@mlet I've just tried to correct it wrt the lake bank.
Hope that will satisfy the renderer.
Regarding the complete removal of the wetland, I don't feel expert enough to have an advice.
92015-02-28 16:44:15 UTCwilsonandolo Noted.
12015-02-24 23:01:02 UTCH@mlet Did you try to "load all members" of the multipolygon ?
IMHO this way is all right.
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