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12018-04-15 08:34:09 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi galrot, welcome to OSM.

Could you please don't delete and redraw more or less the same objects? This deletes the history. Thanks.

More information about your changeset:
12018-04-13 09:50:01 UTCFredrikLindseth Bygniingene i haukelandsbakken 1 og 9 er revet. Bildene du tegne etter er to år gamle.
Jeg tror det skal komme en speilvendt kopi av bygget på haukelandsbakken 15, men sist jeg var der så var de ikke begynt.
22018-04-13 13:41:20 UTCgalrot Ok. Jeg fjernet dem.
12018-04-12 00:05:15 UTCFredrikLindseth Veldig bra!
Disse bygnignene har jeg hatt lyst å tegne i evigheter, men det er er et forferdeiglig boligstrøk å tegne :-p

Alt for mange krøkkete små hus
12018-04-07 09:22:19 UTCFredrikLindseth Hei galrot,
and welcome to OpenStreetMap.
If you have a look at the map now you can see that many of your builds are overlapping roads and other objects already in the map.

The aerial imagery from Bing is poorly offset and have to be adjusted/corrected before drawing buildings.

One alternati...
22018-04-07 19:30:31 UTCgalrot Hey. Sorry, that was not my intention. I have now downloaded the JOSM editior to try that one out instead, but where do I find the laser view?
32018-04-07 22:32:06 UTCFredrikLindseth I tried to write an explanation of how to get this here
Just send me a message if you have any questions. You can also ask on the forum or the chat room
12018-04-07 12:50:59 UTCFredrikLindseth You should also look into making sure buildings are not crossing. You have now 31 buildings that overlap
22018-04-07 12:51:24 UTCFredrikLindseth And some buildings that are connected to roads
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