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12018-01-29 05:17:34 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! You paint many amenity=parking. For OSM, this would be a one parking area with corresponding service roads.
12018-01-29 04:46:23 UTCJack the Ripper Hi James! Welcome to OSM. You requested a review of your edit, so I thought I'd provide some feedback.

Basically, instead of mapping each parking section as a separate parking lot (I think I counted 29!), the entire parking lot should just be one big area. Here's an example of what I mean: ...
12017-12-07 19:22:20 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please notice an address is part of the building instead of the highway.
12017-12-07 18:59:17 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please use for addr:state the two uppercase character abbrevation for the states.
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