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12016-10-23 22:26:17 UTCPizza1016 Oops, got a little too trigger-happy with the upload button. Meant to say in edit summary: "Minor fixes to existing data"
22017-05-24 03:58:16 UTCCloCkWeRX Hey, are you able to weigh in on ?
32017-05-24 04:21:40 UTCPizza1016 Yup that should have been split. Fixed now.
12014-11-07 13:11:55 UTCraito Hi, Pizza1016. I see you merged into one, part of Jalan Muara which I split into many parts to insert turn:lanes tags and varying number of lanes. Why did you have to merge them? Are you going to merge the rest as well? Cheers.
22014-11-07 13:36:37 UTCraito I've just seen your very nice work of the JPD service roads, and noticed that you mapped the two "link roads" separately. So, is it better we do it that way instead of "turn:lanes=*" tags. Cheers.
32014-11-09 01:50:55 UTCPizza1016 Hi. Well this is a problem with the OSM. Very frequently I need to select the entire road, and splitting the roads makes it a huge pain to select everything again (especially if you talk about long roads like the East Coast Expressway in Malaysia, which is not fully completed so I have to update dat...
42014-11-09 01:56:40 UTCPizza1016 And for the JPD roads, thanks! Basically, when mapping link roads (or other roads for that matter), if there's a physical barrier splitting the road (like grass for example) or a legal barrier (parts of the road you're not supposed to drive on; I ignore other road marks like single and double lines)...
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