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This road leads to the main town square, and connects it with other municipalities, so tertiary is not the right classification IMO, unless you had another reason?
commented 2018-03-20 09:05:54 UTC by carciofo
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Thanks for the feedback. The data in this area was pretty messy but I will make sure to not delete like this in the future. I'll go ahead and clean up my previous edits. Thanks!
commented 2018-03-15 23:10:34 UTC by RiverBearings
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Is true, this streets in Cali serve more purpose than just a sidewalk, but according OSM pedestrian wiki "A highway=pedestrian is a road or an area mainly or exclusively for pedestrians in which some vehicle traffic may be authorized" the m...
commented 2018-03-14 22:46:48 UTC by carfog81
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I was there 2 weeks ago where I completed a week long ground survey throughout the whole city.
commented 2018-03-14 20:09:20 UTC by dmastin82
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Polygons are disconnected from roads, they are part of a multipogon relation ( that do the best way to avoid topology errors (Unclosed gaps, Gaps between polygons, Overlapping p...
commented 2018-03-13 20:53:55 UTC by carfog81
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commented 2018-03-13 16:03:13 UTC by carfog81