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Updated Maps/Websites
osmsuspicious Detect suspicious OSM Changesets
(Since January 20th, 2016)
Website - Blog Post
osmsuspicious Latest OSM Changeset Discussions/Comments
(Since March 20th, 2015)
Website - Blog Post - Twitter
osmstats OSMstats
Statistics of the free wiki world map

(Since September 7th, 2014)
Website - Blog Post
contributorfeed Filtering OpenStreetMap Changesets
by a Specific Comment

(Since February 2nd, 2014)
Website - Blog Post
contributorfeed Stats about added OpenStreetMap Notes
(Since May 5th, 2013)
Website - Blog Post
contributorfeed Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors aka Who's around me?
(Since January 6th, 2013)
Map - Blog Post
contributorfeed Create Your Personal OpenStreetMap Contributors Feed
(Since July 1st, 2012)
Map - Blog Post
newestosm Where are the new OSM Contributors?
(Since April 29th, 2012)
Map & Country Lists - Blog Post
yosmhm "Your OSM Heat Map"
(aka Where did you contribute to OSM?)

(Since August 14th, 2011)
Website - Blog Post
osmjapan Road Status after the Earthquake in
Japan based on OSM

(Since March 17th, 2011)
Map - Blog Post
osmfight OSMfight
(Since July 10th, 2011)
Website - Blog Post
hdyc How did you contribute to OSM?
(Since September 18th, 2010)
Website - Blog Post
Static Maps/Websites
unmapped Unmapped Places of OpenStreetMap
(Since June 19th, 2016)
Map - Blog Post
newestosm OpenStreetMap-GPS-Grid-Map
(May 27th, 2012)
Map - Blog Post
unmapped Unmapped Places in OSM Europe
(Since August 1st, 2010)
Map - Blog Post