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12018-01-14 12:17:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Tis edit looks fine to me. I can't specifically see a service road in this edit, but Can see that the parking is connected via service road, but overall this looks great.
12018-01-10 19:33:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for tagging it as a doctors - I've also added a building=yes tag :)
12017-09-06 21:33:15 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for the edit. Saw that you requested some feedback - the changes look good to me, although it perhaps some more info could be added.
For example, if the building is a GP/doctors surgery, the amenity=doctors tag could be added (or search in the editor's prese...
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