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12018-07-27 17:43:31 UTCOsm1980 salam kashki ye tag monaseb barash mizashtid
22018-07-28 14:58:41 UTCsharifiali سلام
چی بزنم براش؟
می تونم کلا حذفش کنم
12017-11-13 11:40:34 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added several ways with tags like
Layer = 5
R_type =3
Could you fix this and put a proper OSM tag there?

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-13 12:24:03 UTCsharifiali Hello
yes I try to edit this ..
32017-11-13 12:35:52 UTCmueschel Hi,
let me know in case you need help.
Here you can find all 7 ways:
42017-11-13 12:57:47 UTCsharifiali Hi
Thank you
I will use of your Guidance
52017-11-13 13:01:06 UTCsharifiali if you may , please join to this group in telegram ..
some of editors are active in this group:
12017-04-03 11:43:02 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi sharifiali, I changed the wikipedia-tag because it should follow the guidelines in OSM wiki, see
KR, Alex
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