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12018-04-13 15:54:20 UTCchillly Did you try to contact the previous editor?
22018-04-13 16:00:37 UTCmot_tom Admitedly not, I'll do that now
12017-09-02 11:49:42 UTCDaveF Hi mot_tom

In OSM it's best not to stitch polygon areas to the centreline of road ways, as you've done with residential areas.
Imagine it was a field & a gate was added. That gate would also be a node on the road, effectively blocking it.

When a...
22017-09-04 14:29:35 UTCmot_tom Hi DaveF
Thanks for the tips, I'll bear them in mind in future edits, apologies for the mistakes made here
12017-08-23 13:28:19 UTCGerdP Hi!
please review typo highway=footpath
on two ways:
22017-08-23 20:03:07 UTCmot_tom D'oh! Thanks for that, I've edited them both to highway=footway as they should be
12017-07-27 23:14:29 UTCDaveF There is no pedestrian section. Motorists can driver right upto the bollards
22017-07-28 09:19:37 UTCmot_tom I agree and I only changed this as it shows more clearly on the map that it is a no through road (the bollard symbol is very small and hard to see). However, by all means change it back to how it was if that is preferable
32017-07-28 10:32:59 UTCDaveF ...Or you could rectify your erroneous edits yourself.

You've mapped for the renderer which is actively discouraged. OSM is a database from which many renderings are derived. Just because certain features a hard to see in one doesn't mean they're not prominent in another.
42017-07-28 10:40:26 UTCmot_tom Apologies, I'm fairly new to this so I'm still learning as I go along, but mapping for the renderer does make sense, and with hindsight, there wasn't really much need to change the area. I'll change it back immediately (I wasn't trying to be snarky either, sorry if I came across that way too!)
52017-07-28 11:14:48 UTCDaveF No worries. As long as the quality of the database is maintained.
12017-07-27 22:03:45 UTCDaveF Anybody know if these rail tracks have be removed completely?
22017-07-28 09:14:51 UTCmot_tom According to this website, only the sleepers remain -
The whole site is abandoned, but I don't know how to tag that onto the industrial area (other than the deprecated disused=yes tag)
12017-06-03 13:33:13 UTCDaveF FYI area tag isn't required for man_made=bridge
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