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12017-12-05 15:57:22 UTCGinaroZ One thing I noticed in Stirling: - assume that's meant to be an outdoor shop, don't know if you've seen it on your travels!
12017-09-24 10:47:05 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello murble. At you have used the new (and misspelled) key `localtion_ref` instead of the more common `ref:location`, right? #typo
12017-05-03 16:11:42 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Royal cyphers and post box references are commonly written with capital letters
12017-02-14 16:05:55 UTCcartolinguaphile This is interesting! I discovered a yearor so ago that a boggy area where we used to collect frogspawn as children (the other side of the disused railway) is known to today's local children as the Fairy Pond.
I think you should add a description giving an idea of how local the name is ("Reserv...
12016-03-23 13:15:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just spotted in Bakewell. I'm guessing that "Fisn" but just be a typo? Also, if it's really shut, I'd suggest changing the main tag to "disused:amenity=fast_food" to make it obvious that you can't get fish and chips here current...
12015-10-27 22:58:25 UTCsdoerr Well, Mass is said there on the first Saturday of each month (according to parish mag) - not sure if that's enough to qualify!
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