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12018-04-28 16:04:37 UTCmueschel Hi.
The two types of fuel, "fuel:98E5" and "fuel:Di" are new - could you check the wiki for common types and fix the tagging?

Cheers, Jan
12018-03-19 23:21:32 UTCGinaroZ Probably best mapping the B&B as a node, separate to the farmyard: -and it should be tourism=guest_house instead :)
Also, do you know the surface for ?
12018-02-27 23:00:35 UTClakedistrict Hi murble, thanks for your edits in the Lakes today. Just to let you know that phone numbers should be in the international format with no brackets or dashes (see As the area code for Grasmere is 015394 the correct format for the phone box should be &q...
12018-02-19 22:16:28 UTCGinaroZ - maybe better as amenity=post_depot?
22018-02-19 22:33:53 UTCmurble yep fixed up thanks
12017-12-05 15:57:22 UTCGinaroZ One thing I noticed in Stirling: - assume that's meant to be an outdoor shop, don't know if you've seen it on your travels!
12017-09-24 10:47:05 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello murble. At you have used the new (and misspelled) key `localtion_ref` instead of the more common `ref:location`, right? #typo
12017-05-03 16:11:42 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Royal cyphers and post box references are commonly written with capital letters
12017-02-14 16:05:55 UTCcartolinguaphile This is interesting! I discovered a yearor so ago that a boggy area where we used to collect frogspawn as children (the other side of the disused railway) is known to today's local children as the Fairy Pond.
I think you should add a description giving an idea of how local the name is ("Reserv...
12016-03-23 13:15:39 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just spotted in Bakewell. I'm guessing that "Fisn" but just be a typo? Also, if it's really shut, I'd suggest changing the main tag to "disused:amenity=fast_food" to make it obvious that you can't get fish and chips here current...
12015-10-27 22:58:25 UTCsdoerr Well, Mass is said there on the first Saturday of each month (according to parish mag) - not sure if that's enough to qualify!
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