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12018-08-02 12:37:26 UTCRichard Hi,
Great to see the work you've been putting in on editing cycle routes!
We don't tag the refs with 'RR' or 'NCN'. The ref should just be the number. The regional/national status is contained in the network= tag (i.e. 'rcn' or 'ncn').
22018-08-02 13:22:50 UTCfeline1 yes, I have read that recommendation ...
Is it wise, though? It only works if all the routes of the same category all follow the same numbering scheme - however this isn't the case in London, where TfL cycle superhighways and quietways are classed as 'rcn' rountes as well as Sustrans ones.
If non...
32018-08-02 13:28:50 UTCRichard It's a bit more than a "recommendation", it's accepted practice for the past 10 years - if you think it should be changed then by all means do raise it on (say) the talk-gb list and see what people think, but just changing a few routes from their long-established status without notice will...
42018-08-02 14:06:47 UTCfeline1 no worries, it's easily fixed - I think there's just 3 relations need their tags fixed (two RR's in Sussex and a chunk of NCN1). Won't take 5 minutes to do.
52018-08-02 14:07:47 UTCRichard cheers! :)
62018-08-02 14:08:15 UTCRichard (I think I've done those already so it's probably ok)
72018-08-02 14:15:11 UTCfeline1 Oh, yes I see you have :)

I will raise the matter on the relevant Openstreetmap Wiki pages (the thing with most of those on cycling is that they haven't been updated since about 2008, so I didn't think anyone was reading them any more! Most of the cycle route tagging in London seems to have bee...
82018-08-02 14:16:08 UTCRichard Cool. I'd suggest the talk-gb list rather than the wiki pages - OSM discussion generally doesn't happen on wiki pages in the way that it does in Wikipedia.
92018-08-02 14:18:41 UTCfeline1 An alternative solution for differentiating between Quietway/Cyclesuperhighway/Sustrans regional routes on '' would be to add colour coding to their labels, as has thus far only been done with Norwich.
I'm waiting on TfL to respond to my FoI request for the exact RGB val...
102018-08-02 14:38:42 UTCfeline1 I haven't the bandwidth for that, I'm afraid!
12018-07-29 05:32:32 UTCJez Nicholson Hi feline1,

This change prompted a thread on the Talk-GB mailing list

I live in Brighton, and appreciate that 'Bartholomews' and 'Avenue' should be one road, they simply aren't. There are separate road signs for both, inc...
22018-07-29 12:07:30 UTCfeline1 Well, I have read the discussion thread. :)
I used to live in Brighton for 20 years but I moved away last year.
I cannot see that any reasonable person would not think the 'correct' name of the street is "Bartholomews Avenue", running along the north side of Bartholmews Square (which ...
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