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12017-10-11 18:58:47 UTCPeterPan99 Sorry! I pressed Update too quickly!!
Description should say, "Moved Kents Hill Primary School to correct location. Created construction site for Kents Hill Primary School." Source: Consultation document for Kents Hill Primary and Secondary Schools.
12017-08-13 22:04:18 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, please do not name highways with names such as Bridge 85A. This is incorrect. Firstly 85A is not a name, it is a reference. Secondly, the reference for a bridge goes in the bridge:ref field and the bridge name goes in bridge:name so that the road name can be correctly shown in the name field.
22017-08-14 09:58:40 UTCPeterPan99 Hi Mike,
If I delete the names (in the case of footbridges) and revert to the road names (for roads), how do I make the Bridge Ref display on the standard view of the map, please?
I only started adding / changing the names to get them to display and to give consistency after I saw some with no nam...
32017-08-14 10:38:51 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Peter, I believe you are correct that bridge:ref is not rendered on the standard OSM map (the bridges in question had bridge_ref which was an older convention). However, incorrect data should not be set simply to get the standard map to display something in a particular way. You may be interested...
12016-12-26 10:22:43 UTCmapping man The name tag doesn't need to be filled with "Oak". It looks a bit odd on the map. The name should be used only if the tree is a known landmark . For instance it could be a wishing or memory tree. In this case "wishing tree" would make sense in the name field.
22016-12-26 20:22:01 UTCPeterPan99 OK. Sorry if I have contravened a convention. I tagged it with the name "Oak" because is is a very prominent, old Oak tree, possibly verging on "Landmark" status. The house facing it is named "Oak View", so I thought it might be appropriate. In response to your comm...
32016-12-27 11:25:37 UTCmapping man Hi. There is no set convention, its just that you don't see many trees named. One exception that I could think of would have been the Oak tree in the Intu shopping centre. From what you describe I would say that you were correct in using Oak in the name tag.
42016-12-27 21:42:23 UTCPeterPan99 Thanks for your comments @mapping man. I have added the name "Oak" again.
12016-12-22 12:52:04 UTCPeterPan99 Correction: This is the North-West Corner of the car park (not the North-East!)
12016-11-19 21:28:58 UTCPeterPan99 Just looked at it again and realised the error was that, although it IS one-way, it should be Eastbound, not Westbound, as it originally was. I will amend again.
12016-11-16 23:42:12 UTCPeterPan99 I added this small section of Tongwell Street because, in the Edit view, there was a gap. On looking again at the standard map, there was no gap, so I have duplicated this section of trunk road. I will try to delete it again.
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