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12018-02-19 04:07:47 UTCgappleto97 Hi. You requested a review, so I took a look. While what you put was arguably correct, there were a few minor things that I cleaned up. First of all, parking aisles don't normally have street names. Second, the other parking aisle should have been represented as a single, two-way road rather than tw...
12018-01-16 08:55:00 UTCConstable Hi there, why did you remove the bridge that was already on the map?
Please reply here as soon as you can, otherwise I'll have to revert your changes like this one, because they do look like vandalism to me.
22018-01-16 09:02:22 UTCConstable I think you removed the bridge because it was mapped as pedestrian only but it does actually looks like a bridge used by cars as well, correct?
Only thing you had to do was to replace the highway=footway with highway=residential, there was no need to remove the bridge.
It might be that the same th...
32018-01-18 10:20:03 UTCConstable added back
12018-01-16 09:16:15 UTCConstable why did you connect those to the I64? the I64 is a major highway, there's no way a road crossing like that could really exist. Look at the aerial imagery, the road in withe (tagged as residential) goes into a tunnel which goes UNDER the I64, they are NOT connected to each other!
I'm editing this on...
12018-01-16 09:11:37 UTCConstable what's that ?
I cant see it using the available imagery, where did you get it from?
I don't think there might be a road behind those houses, plus, you did draw it over the Short Ridge Trail, which is definitely not a good thing. Objects shouldn't overlap...
12018-01-15 17:10:39 UTCuser_5359 Hello! Please check the position of the node I assumed, that this address is placed on the other side of the Cottonwood Ave.

I you need help: You are welcome.
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