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12017-12-25 20:56:21 UTCtrigpoint Hi, the name field should only be used for actual names. Information like this should be put in a description or note field.

Cheers Phil
12017-12-13 10:29:42 UTCMike Baggaley Hi in this changeset way 544794534 has been tagged as highway=footway, access=no, foot=permissive and name=Forestry access track. I have moved the name to the description tag, but can you confirm whether this would be better tagged as highway=track?

22017-12-13 11:16:03 UTCMoretonmill Hi Mike, it was created as a forestry access track but it’s now invaded with birch and pine and there’s only a narrow footpath left. Yours, Eddie
12017-12-06 12:45:11 UTCtrigpoint Hi, what is the source of this bridleway. It seems highly unlikely given the current ownership.

Cheers Phil
22017-12-06 17:36:27 UTCMoretonmill Dear Phil,
I know what you mean. What with the generous use of barbed wire, the illegal gates and the threatening signs (shooting!), they seem to be trying to discourage walkers.
However there's a planning sign for a bridle way on the gate post at O/S Grid 567277. I photographed it, but can't fi...
12017-11-07 18:30:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this should be mapped as amenity=parking. Its name isn't CAR PARK.

Cheers Phil
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