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12018-06-19 14:27:29 UTCiccaldwell When you added the new tenant of the shop you did not notice there was already a node there, with the shop tagged as vacant. I have mergeD the two nodes as there was address information on the original node.
12018-05-14 09:02:48 UTCmueschel Hi Bobby,

in your edits, I saw several tags like "bobby444:schema" - could you explain what it means? It's very uncommon to put ones username in a tag.

And: the tags like "pattern_saturday:interval" are not used in any other place.
The usual key for this is "interval:...
22018-05-14 09:33:50 UTCBobby444 The bobby444:schema is a private notation for me until I can get things stabilised. It is part of my nascent system for tagging bus services sensibly. When I've decided how it is going to work, I'll submit it as a proposal for people to vote on. I used my own username so as to avoid conflicts with o...
32018-05-14 10:20:45 UTCmueschel Alright, work in progress is always good.
I don't really like the idea to have so much information in the key. This mostly ends in a huge mess of subkeys that no tool can parse easily.
Did you try to use the syntax used in :conditional tags? That would be the perfect way to tag arbitrary times a...
42018-05-14 11:06:27 UTCBobby444 Yes, it's ugly, and I tried to explain what I was up against on the talk:buses page, but my edits got lost somehow.

A huge mess of subkeys is, as you say, a bad idea.

I'm not familiar with this conditional syntax that you mention. Is it documented anywhere ?

OSM doesn't seem to 'get' buses,...
52018-05-14 11:08:02 UTCBobby444 If you can provide me a link to the :conditional stuff, I'll try and rework my relations to use that, then I won't need to have 'my own' schema.
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