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12018-06-12 23:45:52 UTCgurglypipe Have the NatWest and police station buildings actually been demolished? If not, don’t delete the ways; just alter how they’re tagged, typically by adding the `disused:` prefix:

Similarly, have those bus stops on the B6384 been removed e...
22018-06-12 23:53:53 UTCpoynter The NatWest has been closed down for about a year now and the police station has been turned into housing.
Hmm not sure what I have done with the buses, sorry I'm new to editing. If there gone that one was a mistake,, my bad
32018-06-14 13:39:51 UTCgurglypipe OK, I’ve re-added the buildings and the bus stops in changeset #59845678.

I’ve changed the tagging on the buildings (so they won’t show up as a bank and police station again). The bank is now marked as disused, and the police station is now marked as a generic residential buildi...
12018-06-13 10:18:40 UTCgurglypipe Are those opening hours right? The opening_hours key uses a 24-hour clock; I doubt the Spar is only open for 3 hours in the morning!
22018-06-13 14:19:19 UTCgurglypipe (Fixed in
12018-06-13 14:19:02 UTCgurglypipe Nice, thanks!
12018-06-12 23:42:46 UTCgurglypipe This edit looks fine (thanks for requesting review), but in future it would be better to leave a more informative description for the changeset than “A small touch up” — try briefly listing what you’ve changed. It makes it easier for others to track what’s being edited ...
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