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12018-07-14 16:16:53 UTCmaraf24 What for? This is useless tag for cities.
Administrative boundaries are used to determine country.
22018-07-14 16:39:40 UTCmbe57 This is a province capital, hence it makes sense to know the associated country. Maybe useless for you personally, not useless for others.
32018-07-14 16:50:32 UTCmaraf24
12018-07-02 10:22:34 UTCdgitto fixed position and elevation (DTM & CTR)
22018-07-02 11:06:04 UTCmbe57 Grazie
12017-12-26 08:21:17 UTCmbe57 comment wrong, in fact converted ft -> m
12017-12-15 13:31:00 UTCmbe57 Sorry, location was wrong, but elevation has a massive gap between Wikipedia and SRTM/OSM information
12017-12-11 10:50:55 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 It looks like that value of 280m was added in 2010 by pf_irl ( ), I've left a comment on that changeset.
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