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12018-03-05 04:56:54 UTCsp4rkie to be more precise. The information about 'Hypoberg' can be found here:

<== select 'Orientierungsplan Unterföhringer See (PDF)'

alternatively try the direct link:

12017-07-30 10:50:16 UTCsp4rkie in the course of editing the new track (511461636, v1) by means of JOSM building 358514118, v2 has been inadvertently modified. Because a trackpoint 'snapped' to the building (it's located quite close to the building). I noticed that and undid the unwanted building change. But the building stays in ...
22017-07-30 12:51:23 UTCNakaner If you hold the Ctrl key while drawing, you can avoid snapping to an existing way/node.

Use the G key to unclue connected ways.
32017-07-30 13:30:57 UTCsp4rkie thanks a lot for hinting this.

one problem remains:
how to avoid uploading objects that are tagged 'changed' internally in JOSM even if all changes to that object have been reverted in JOSM?
42017-07-30 13:59:30 UTCsp4rkie I played around a little and found a possible solution (not very elegant but works):

1. search for modified objects in the data layer to be uploaded
2. create a new data layer
3. manually transfer (per cut&paste) only those objects to the new layer that have been modified 'really'. As JOSM...
12017-05-02 10:50:27 UTCsp4rkie sorry, the comment of this changeset is wrong and can't be changed.

The reason for this changeset was: the removal of an erroneous name tag.
12017-03-24 08:12:29 UTCsp4rkie Hi maxbe,

muesste das nicht heissen: foot:conditional \tyes @ (Sa - So)
[ fuer Way: 23221665 ]?

viele Gruessen
22017-03-24 10:01:57 UTCmaxbe Ja klar. Wär ja sonst auch unpraktisch am östlichen Ende, wenn man kein Rad dabei hat ;)

Habs geändert. Danke
32017-03-24 10:14:48 UTCsp4rkie wow, super, das ging ja schnell, danke!

die genannte Strecke soll Bestandteil meines naechsten Marathon werden und ich wollte nicht ploetzich vor einem verschlossenen Gate stehen:-)

- sp4rkie
12017-03-17 15:10:44 UTCToniE Hi, meintest Du etwa
amenity=hunting_stand mit seinen zusätzlichen Tags?
22017-03-17 15:17:17 UTCsp4rkie oh, sorry. Ich suchte das englische Wort und hab keines gefunden. Habe es nun korrigiert. Danke fuer den Tipp! Ich hoffe es ist jetzt korrekt.
12017-03-05 07:55:47 UTCsp4rkie comment is wrong (editor simply takes previous comment as default). I did not notice this in time.

Don't know how to fix comment
22017-03-06 11:31:27 UTCnevw As far as I know the comment is not able to be changed after uploading. Adding a comment to the changeset with the correct remarks is fine. I have had to do that occasionally.
32017-03-06 23:00:07 UTCsp4rkie ok, I then will try to *add* (not replace) a comment in the future. thanks for clarifying this.
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