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12017-08-18 17:56:43 UTCtreestryder It is great to have another Lansing mapper.

I'm not sure that the nodes you added, with only a Name tag will ever be rendered. You may want to at least add shop=yes ( "Shop yes" in OSMand) or office=* (
22017-08-18 19:57:05 UTCdmogle Yeah, I did these real quick on my phone while I was walking by. Planning to come back and flesh them out someday when I have time. So maybe never :/
32017-08-18 20:43:08 UTCtreestryder I completely understand.
12017-04-18 20:23:22 UTCtreestryder I could be wrong and in this case, it might be fine. However, it has been my experience that it is preferred to have a generic building, with a detailed POI Node. ... It is simple matter to upgrade a POI, by surrounding it with a generic building. It works well for buildings containing multiple POI ...
22017-04-18 21:25:02 UTCtreestryder I stand corrected by the following article...,_one_OSM_element
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