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12017-04-11 19:41:20 UTCposchon Ciao LvdT,

I have some questions to you (nothing critical):

I see you adapt some streets in Modena. Please thing also to adapt the addresses. We should keep the same names of the street other road and in the address.

How is the name of your source for the street names?

I use this map and...
22017-04-11 20:23:11 UTCLvdT I changed that name specifically for two reasons, the first being that it's the name used on the plate itself and therefore how most people here refer to it as. The second reason is historical, the street is named after one of the old canals of Modena, the "Canale della Cerca", itself name...
12017-03-18 13:46:00 UTCposchon Hi LvdT,

I see you changed the street. Now I know how I have to map the hystoric road (GRAZIE!), but now the road is not visible on the map. I will put for the highway=path to make the road visible.

You changed also the name. I saw the name “Via Per Montova” on the plate close to t...
22017-03-18 15:15:29 UTCLvdT Yes, as far as I'm aware, it's a segment of the ancient Via Aemilia, where exactly did you see the name plate?
32017-03-18 20:07:55 UTCposchon The plate describe the histori of this street. The plate is on the south end of the street.
42017-03-19 12:33:38 UTCLvdT Indeed, it's not the Via Aemilia as I had thought, but rather the Mutina-Mantua (which, by the way, is Mantova with an a). I fixed it, thanks for pointing it out.
12016-09-05 06:58:28 UTCRegina Phalange Posso chiederti dove hai preso i nomi dei due edifici di chimica UNIMORE? Io ho queste fonti:
22016-09-05 18:51:34 UTCLvdT Mi risultano essere i nomi "correnti", anche gli altri dipartimenti erano indicati con la dicitura "dipartimento di" prima della mia modifica.

Sicuramente i codici che si trovano nella fonte che hai indicato possono essere inseriti come ref, provvederò a farlo, anche
32016-09-05 18:52:52 UTCLvdT *anche se richiederà la suddivisione di scienze naturali in due sotto-edifici. Se riesco passo in loco a verificare come fare la divisione al meglio.
12016-08-26 14:31:00 UTCtyr_asd Hi. Did you really want to add names in the Judaeo-Spanish ("Ladino") language (see to these localities?

To me, those names look rather more like names in the local dialect, which (probably) can be classified as a Ladin language, but Ladin h...
22016-08-26 16:53:11 UTCLvdT Ah, yes, I meant to tag them as Ladin. If you could fix it, it would be great!
32016-08-26 17:11:51 UTCtyr_asd Done in
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