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12017-08-24 10:20:20 UTCRegina Phalange I meant "fuel" station, damn keyboard...
12017-07-31 07:51:30 UTCRegina Phalange L'edificio è composto di due stanze, di cui solamente una accessibile senza chiave. Presenta: camino a legna, due tavolini, una panca. Non dispone (nella parte accessibile senza chiave almeno) di: luce, acqua, gas, stoviglie, posti letto, bagno.
12017-07-12 10:11:55 UTCRegina Phalange This is based on the map you can find here
12017-03-03 10:59:05 UTCdieterdreist This should be reverted ASAP. Undiscussed import. Wrong source in changeset comment. See also
22017-03-04 20:54:58 UTCposchon I seems to be, I was to fast. Please give me the feedback over PN. What did I do wrong?
32017-03-04 20:58:50 UTCposchon For the start:

The basis for the import was

The licenc for all imported adresses is Creative Commons - CC0 1.0
42017-03-04 21:14:16 UTCposchon Check the datas:
I compared all the adresses between present in the openstreet and in the SET. After the import I checked all the adresses over and corrected all doubel house numbers
52017-03-04 21:18:08 UTCposchon But now I see some of my adaptations of double house numbers are not present on official release. Positive think is: The server has all the corrections
62017-03-04 21:22:39 UTCposchon I prepared all the import to correct it. Every one can filter all house numbers for "Information = info". I have also the imported file on my computer and could send it to every one.
72017-03-05 14:03:41 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, thank you for replying. The most important critique from the mailing list is that you didn't follow the import guidelines and didn't contact the local community, otherwise you would have learnt that there was already an established structure and guidelines for importing this data: ht...
82017-03-05 14:08:33 UTCdieterdreist also you should use a dedicated account for imports, especially if you are uploading a lot of stuff like you did.
92017-03-05 21:44:26 UTCposchon Hallo Martin,

I see.

I will the same: A great map for the world.

Are you in the community "Emilia Romagna"?

At the moment all my try to change something on the map is not visible. It seems that my account works partially.

About the doubles address:
At the moment over osmose...
102017-03-06 16:55:36 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, there is still some discussion on the italian ML as you might have seen. I have told them that you are wiling to solve the few duplicates and that I have the impression you have understood now that there are import guidelines that have to be respected. Although the data doesn't requir...
112017-03-06 21:00:01 UTCposchon Hallo Martin,
Grazie for this feedback.
I did not get your formulation "Although the data doesn't require legally attribution (cc0) it would still have made sense to provide it (so others can see where the data came from)."

What is exactly the requirement in this case about source?\...
122017-03-06 21:19:25 UTCposchon I stay in Modena for more as one year. I have big interest to increase the status of OSM in Modena.
132017-03-06 21:22:59 UTCposchon Sorry I miss understand you last comment.
142017-03-06 21:25:37 UTCposchon Then I will wait for the feedback. I follow the discussion in ML, but it is quite difficult to understand. The google translate help me a little.
152017-03-09 18:50:42 UTCposchon I see the first feedback about the quality:

1.\tSome days ago I talked about invisible addresses. I mean the wrong format --> 2/A. At the moment there are 51 addresses with wrong format. There is no problem to solve it.

2.\tNot existing houses: I can not imagen that one responsible/person f...
162017-03-15 11:05:45 UTCdieterdreist Hello Poschon, there have only been neutral or positive reactions regarding the import (a revert will likely not happen). You can go on with fixing the few duplicates (my preferences would be in doubt to favor the non-import version of the duplicates). Thank you,
172017-03-15 11:08:24 UTCdieterdreist btw: why are you sure 2/A is the wrong format? It is a common housenumber scheme in italy. If search doesn't find this, we might have to improve the search.
182017-03-15 22:11:22 UTCposchon Hello Martin,

Grazie for the feedback. I will follow the unwritten low in case of duplicates to delete the imported address. At the next time I will search more deeply for a community. My big mistake is: I looked just for Modena. The wiki side for Regio Emilia does not include the word Modena.
192017-03-16 01:15:32 UTCdieterdreist the shortcomings of the search should be reported to Nominatim (the geocoding software on Contacting the local community about the import: best way is probably to ask on the national mailing list, they can refer to a regional mailing list (if there is). There is also an international maili...
202017-03-16 08:58:07 UTCRegina Phalange Sorry for being late. I'm not much happy about this changeset, as I've seen the source in the past and I wasn't very amused about the quality. The house numbers are very often misplaced around the buildings, or even in the near buildings. If the general feeling is neutral though, I'm not going to in...
212017-03-17 10:47:36 UTCdieterdreist I think there is likely not a rule or if there is, it is not enforced, you can find different kind of 3/A, 3/a, 3a, 3A and there also are very frequent uses of the slash to make a list, e.g. 3/5/7 (for the house numbers 3 and 5 and 7) and there also are variants like 3/2 (which has to be read simila...
222017-03-18 12:54:56 UTCposchon ciao,

the format for the numbers is important. I agree with you. Today I did a small walk around Modena. I saw just the Format <Number><Letter> without ”/”.

Here are some pictures from plates and in upper left corner the position of this plate on the map:
232017-03-19 11:41:38 UTCRegina Phalange Ok I'm really sorry because you are totally right about the plates. However the "/" format is default when you talk about addresses, as you can see here , and (not Modena ...
242017-08-22 10:12:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hello poschon,
What is the point of the "information=add" data that you have added to every node here? Were these tags discussed anywhere before the import took place?
Best Regards,
See also the very negative comments about this import at
12016-09-05 06:58:28 UTCRegina Phalange Posso chiederti dove hai preso i nomi dei due edifici di chimica UNIMORE? Io ho queste fonti:
22016-09-05 18:51:34 UTCLvdT Mi risultano essere i nomi "correnti", anche gli altri dipartimenti erano indicati con la dicitura "dipartimento di" prima della mia modifica.

Sicuramente i codici che si trovano nella fonte che hai indicato possono essere inseriti come ref, provvederò a farlo, anche
32016-09-05 18:52:52 UTCLvdT *anche se richiederà la suddivisione di scienze naturali in due sotto-edifici. Se riesco passo in loco a verificare come fare la divisione al meglio.
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