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12017-04-13 08:36:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added some nodes with tags light "light_source". Street lamps usually are tagged with "highway=street_lamp", which should be there additional to your tags. Would you mind adding it?

Cheers, Jan
22017-04-13 14:19:51 UTCMRPockets I specifically chose not to tag them as "highway=street_lamp" since they are not street lamps. They illuminate primarily the grass and sidewalks, not streets. I could not find any better tags for non-street lamps than simply "light_source=lantern." If I am misunderstanding the us...
32017-04-16 19:59:08 UTCmueschel I don't think we do distinguish between street lamps and path lamps. Until we come up with a distinction, I opt for tagging them with the common tag to make them visible on existing maps.
12014-12-16 20:15:39 UTCMRPockets Correction: Karcher Estates should read Crestwood Estates.
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