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12018-06-21 21:36:14 UTCSHARCRASH Hi HAL, did the crossing that was here (also visible on any image sat.) moved where you placed it here ? Some months ago, i had a ride there and i don't recall any changes of the trail and you...
22018-06-26 17:20:48 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

You´re a day late and a dollar short, aren´t you? That´s almost 1 year ago I did modify the way so if you think that I´m wrong please feel free to modify it :)

Btw. You were right on that way in Boulaide, so I´ve deleted mine..
32018-06-27 12:49:06 UTCSHARCRASH Well, i don't know if you're wrong and i said i don't recall any change yet i'm unsure, that's why i'm asking you for the reason why the change. ;) OK I'll change it then since i don't recall any change, the image sat shows the crossway being on the other place and this GPS heatmap shows the path be...
12018-03-05 10:36:33 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! I see that you've cut this way and added fixme I'm wondering if it actually should be in this way position i've inserted now I've plotted mine thanks to's im sat 2016, 2017 and Strava's heat...
22018-03-05 18:47:24 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

Yes indeed i cut that way because i didn´t know how to map the surface of that. Did you walk the Auto-Pédestre of Boulaide 2? That way is part of it, so i´ve checked and it seems that you´re right. On my GPS data it goes straight as yours, but, there are several other...
12018-02-16 10:04:49 UTCSHARCRASH Hi HAL! About the parc Edmond Dume and its ways behind the Miami University (MUDEC) in Differdange, isn't all that private?
22018-02-16 10:05:46 UTCSHARCRASH Right now i'm editing them but I've put a stop, please don't edit or will get conflicts. Thanks! :)
32018-02-16 10:17:28 UTCSHARCRASH Found my answer:
I used to work there more than 10 years ago and at that time it was private.
42018-02-16 17:44:28 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

I´ve walked there many times so it is of course open to the public, as you read on the site of the commune of Differdange.
Have a nice weekend :)
52018-02-16 20:11:54 UTCSHARCRASH I used to work at MUDEC a long time ago. It was private at that time. Thank you and you too have a nice weekend! :)
12017-12-04 13:23:48 UTCSHARCRASH Hello HAL! Sorry to say this but you've repositioned the way for these steps not correctly. Their descent is nearly straight, slightly curved to the left, not much curved to the right as you had repositioned, according my memory, my GPS trace (here: https:/...
22017-12-04 16:41:34 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

Thank you for your comment and correcting my mistake. Unfortunately I couldn't´t access your link to the GPS trace as they are not public. If you encounter any more errors feel free to correct them :)
32017-12-04 16:49:35 UTCSHARCRASH SOrry i gave you the link from the brower, not the accessible link, indeed my traces are private. Here:
12016-07-04 09:27:31 UTCSHARCRASH Hello HAL_Lux!

For this way You've set it as access=private and bicycle=yes. Doesn't this mean instead that its access is permissive?

Also, if bicycles have access, wouldn't pedestrians (foot) have the same right of access?
22016-07-04 10:55:28 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

Oh yes i see.... i didn't see the bicycle tag, i will remove it later, since there is a "Chemin privé" sign
32016-07-04 16:31:02 UTCSHARCRASH Thanks for the response! I corrected anyway since I noticed another tag issue on the same way + others (route=bicycle should only be used on relations), will check if there is a cycling route. :)
42016-07-05 04:47:39 UTCHAL_lux Thanks to you too for correcting it :) It was on the Auto-Pédestre of Steinfort i've noticed it that it was a private path... btw, it was a nice little circuit ;)
12016-05-13 16:07:44 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Does this path continue?
22016-05-13 16:37:49 UTCHAL_lux Hi, apperently it does... but a man i've encountered on that way said to me that it was way too dangerous to continue on that track because of the many sinkholes and crevices there. So i've mapped only where i encountered him with a hazard tag...
32016-05-13 16:41:20 UTCSHARCRASH OK! I will check it one of these next days. I added a fixme=continue just in case i forget. Thank you! :)
42016-05-13 16:46:55 UTCHAL_lux No Problem, but be careful and just walk it on your own risk. I will have a look on it here on OSM, but personally i will never walk it again ;)
52016-05-13 16:55:25 UTCSHARCRASH OK! Thanks for the advice but you increased even more my curiosity. LOL
62016-05-14 08:26:26 UTCSHARCRASH I checked it yesterday, needed a walk anyway... even had a rain shower, LOL. The 1st large part of the way is actually a track unused for long, so i changed tags accordingly, added details and the noexit tag on the final node. The rest is not even a path since no sign of recurrent use, just less lit...
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