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12018-05-18 08:54:08 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Я немного упрощу u-turn тут

если делать правильно, надо две дороги разбивать на 4 в точки пересечения и делать 2 рестрикшена. Это дофига для та...
22018-05-18 09:29:16 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Если не делать до конца, то получаются такие маршруты!Ag3nD_ZwNtVbqEFLuCUBzx2Pzx8V
12018-03-11 02:31:58 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko You have created a lot of duplicated items here. One of them is Pacific Ocean.

Another one is "Hecate Strait"
22018-03-11 07:45:29 UTCjames_hiebert Really?! No one has noticed this in the 3 years since I made this edit?
32018-03-11 08:21:22 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko I've noticed, because I cannot translate Pacific Ocean to my language. My changes give no result. That is how I've found more than one node.

There are other changesets made by you with Pacific Ocean: "24970341", "26040393"
42018-03-11 08:22:12 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Besides Pacific ocean there are other entities duplicated.
52018-03-11 15:30:51 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Do you know how to remove all duplicated nodes from those changesets?
62018-03-11 15:38:17 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko 2 name=Flamingo Inlet
2 name=Houston Stewart Channel
2 name=Kerouard Islands
2 name=Louscoone Inlet
2 name=Luxana Bay
2 name=Otard Bay
2 name=Rose Harbour
2 name=Tian Islets
3 name=Haida Gwaii
3 name=H...
12017-05-15 12:45:31 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko На половине этой дороги ограничение скорости 60км/ч
12017-04-21 11:47:30 UTCMaciej9 Hi, I wonder why did you set maxspeed=50 on Bobrzyńskiego, while for many sections it has max speed 70 indicated by road sign.
22017-04-21 13:52:33 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Hi Macej. Thank you for question. For some pieces it is set to 50. I went by this road and recorded video. Speed is set correctly, unless something was changed sine last month.
32017-04-21 17:19:20 UTCMaciej9 Hi, thanks for response. However, nothing changed since last month and there are many sections with 70 speed limit.
42017-04-21 18:51:30 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko OK. Here is the map of that street:

Which segment should have 70km/h limit?
52017-04-21 18:52:34 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Orange is 50. Red is 70
62017-04-21 22:11:20 UTCMaciej9 There are more, but I can't tell exactly which from my memory. Just wanted to draw your attention, but if you don't know how to fix this, I will fix this later.
72017-04-22 02:04:11 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Fix what? All changes were made according to recorded video I've made month ago. Please check first, then complain.
82017-04-24 18:33:56 UTCMaciej9 If I was not sure, I would not complain. I surveyed it today and confirmed that section beyond i/c with Zachodnia street has also 70, as there is no sign there and i/c with internal road (non-public) does not cancel previous speed limit sign.
92017-04-24 19:31:26 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Which node you mean?
102017-04-24 20:10:36 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko As far as I remember, I changed only there where speed limit was set explicitly by road signs.
112017-04-24 22:31:27 UTCMaciej9 Yes, correct. This is about way 177811341 and speed for it was changed recently, but by someone else. Sorry for bothering and thanks for your contribution!
122017-04-25 01:33:25 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko No problem.

BTW, I do not know Przepisy Drogowe well, but IMHO 177811341 should have 50km/h limit. One can drive from Zachodnia through non-public roads to Bobrzynskiego and he will be not sure what is the speed limit there.
132017-04-25 12:40:54 UTCMaciej9 Yes, but according to law it is not obligatory to repeat sign in such place. I think that it is acceptable here, as section is quite short and someone turning from side street could hardly accelerate above 50 before next 70 sign. But someone continuing straight on Bobrzyńskiego does not have to slo...
12016-11-20 07:21:56 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Уверен, что тут 110?
12016-10-11 19:13:46 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Зачем переименовали "Краков" в "польша"?
12016-08-14 04:47:21 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko обозначен как shop=second_hand и name=супермаркет АТБ. Я посмотрел на сайте АТБ. У них нет в этом месте магазина. Если это какой-то другой АТБ, почему он ...
22016-08-14 04:49:31 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Если это все-таки магазин сети АТБ, имхо лучше убрать приставку "супермаркет" для однообразия с остальными такими нодами.
12016-04-21 19:29:25 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko I guess trunk_link should be used as link between two lines
22016-04-22 17:09:22 UTCyamaxim Could you fix that if you want? I cannot figure out what you're talking about.
32016-04-22 17:13:35 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Вы используете highway=trunk в местах разворотов. Правильно использовать trunk_link. Где нашел - поправил.
42016-04-22 17:23:43 UTCyamaxim Ну так доходчивей. Просто тяжело понять о чем идет речь. Онлайн редактор OSM очень тугой для просмотра правок. Спасибо, буду знать.
12015-12-28 17:07:35 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Hi. I've removed your Post Office node as it duplicates same node
12015-12-24 18:56:43 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko There is C-12 sign before Rondo. So it is runabout.
22015-12-25 18:07:54 UTCMateusz Konieczny C-12 sign is for circular traffic, not oncly for roundabouts ("ruch okrężny oznacza, że na skrzyżowaniu ruch odbywa się dookoła wyspy lub placu w kierunku wskazanym na znaku"). junction=roundabout is supposed to be used for roundabouts ("road junction where the traffic goes arou...
12015-11-23 10:35:43 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Building number is lost
22015-11-23 10:36:31 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko I mean number of this one:
12015-10-14 16:52:26 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko There is special value designed for public holidays "PH". You do not need to specify all holidays. See

PH Public Holiday, can be used to indicate different opening hours during public holidays (e.g., Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00; PH 10:00-12:00; PH Su off)
22015-10-14 16:52:46 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko
12015-10-14 16:24:21 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Согласно [url=]этой статье[/url], надо пользовать amenity=car_wash
22015-10-14 16:25:33 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Я про
12014-11-29 23:49:47 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Dlaczego usuwasz adresy z budynków?
22014-11-30 00:02:13 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Wycofałem Twój zestaw zmian. Proszę wziąć udział w dyskusji na ten temat:
32014-11-30 22:41:25 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko Your data is not lost. I did not destroy result of your work. I just moved data to one place, to relation.
42014-11-30 22:42:00 UTCDmytro Ovdiienko But as I can see this approach does not work in Poland.
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