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12017-12-08 00:30:35 UTCUndearius Accidentally clicked "request review edit"
No need to actually review this.
12017-09-06 12:56:02 UTCMatthew Darwin Why did you change Spartina Street into a path in Findlay Creek area?
22017-09-07 14:53:08 UTCMatthew Darwin I put the street back.
32017-09-15 03:45:46 UTCUndearius Might have been from JOSM automatically extending the existing way when adding a new way that connects to it. Thanks for fixing it.
12017-08-09 07:00:42 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the key 'namleg_en' on several boundaries. This key is new and not used in other places. Maybe the usual tags 'official_name', 'official_name:en' or 'full_name' fit?

Cheers, Jan
22017-08-09 14:33:11 UTCUndearius My apologies. I had originally intended to remove these tags but they made it easier for filtering. The value of these tags is their full, proper legal name so they may be useful.
The 'namleg_en' tag is the same as the 'name' tag with the addition of "Township of" or "County of"...
32017-08-10 17:15:54 UTCmueschel 'official_name:en' is used almost 2000 times, and follows the guidelines shown on the Wiki page on name tags.
Thanks for taking care!
42017-08-14 19:53:47 UTCUndearius I've changed the tags to the correct ones. Thank you for the help.
12017-08-11 16:40:00 UTCkartler175 Was moving nodes and as part of way intended?
22017-08-14 19:45:26 UTCUndearius Honestly, no idea how that even happened. I believe I've corrected it. Thanks for pointing that out.
12017-06-28 07:38:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the key "dbh" on these nodes. It is not used anywhere else up to now - what is meaning of this key?
22017-07-07 17:42:52 UTCUndearius I suppose late is better than never.
DBH is Diameter at Breast Height.
It was part of an ongoing discussion on the import mailing list and has since been converted to circumference.
These nodes will be deleted and replaced with the proper ones.
12017-01-08 21:59:04 UTCUndearius Where these nodes added by accident?
22017-01-09 07:37:43 UTCDenisCarriere Oops yes they were, good catch
12017-01-08 21:08:37 UTCDenisCarriere @undearius where is the main road for this? Also I clipped the wooded area so that the school ground doesn't show up as forest.
22017-01-08 21:52:34 UTCUndearius There's a service road that comes from the intersection. I've now added it but I'm just going off memory of where it goes.
12016-09-04 21:40:44 UTCDenisCarriere Cool stuff Undearius. Do you have a live example of Indoor mapping? It would be neat to see the result of this data used in a real world example.
Keep mapping :)
22016-09-04 21:50:31 UTCDenisCarriere One comment about the tagging, the doors should be `door=yes` instead of `indoor=door`.
32016-09-08 22:26:00 UTCUndearius Thanks for the correction, must've missed it while reading that page. If I'm understanding you correctly, you may be interested in seeing the indoor map of the building.
42016-09-08 22:59:10 UTCDenisCarriere Yes this is exactly what I was looking for! :) That's awesome!! Keep up the cool work! I use to go to school there in the T building. Looking forward to see all the floors, I know it's a real challenge doing indoor mapping.
52016-09-08 23:19:10 UTCDenisCarriere We have a pretty active OSM community in Ottawa, you should try to attend one of our Meetups.
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