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12018-06-08 22:16:52 UTCJbah Hey. I've been going through all the notes I still had open.

Not sure if you had seen but if you did, you could've gone ahead and marked it as resolved :)
22018-06-08 22:43:10 UTCBC Hiker I was not "working notes" when I did this edit, so I did not check for a note.
32018-06-08 22:43:39 UTCJbah No worries :) Thanks for your work!
12018-05-17 17:32:35 UTCBC Hiker The City lists this lot as part of the University land. From my memory this is a open grass area, but not part of Vedder park. Has there been a recent change where Vedder park was expanded and the city has not updated the web map?
22018-05-17 17:34:57 UTCBC Hiker Link to object:
12018-04-21 22:51:56 UTCBC Hiker I was quite sure highway 17A did not end at 60 Ave as I had indicated in the previous edit. Took a look and found a sign on the east side of the road located at : Lat: 49.110597 Lon: -123.052655. This is the point Hwy 17 becomes 62B ave.
22018-04-21 23:29:11 UTCBC Hiker Typo, should say: This is the point Hwy 17A becomes 62B Street.
32018-04-30 08:59:00 UTClacram_telenav Hi! I'm sorry for my late response!
I took a look here: to check the road name but the site doesn't work at the moment. I also checked OpenStreetCam images to look for the sign from the east side of the road that you were talking about. I didn't find it. Could you please i...
42018-04-30 16:06:10 UTCBC Hiker Just checked delta map, it''s working now. Hwy 17A is shown as a orange-white dashed line in the Delta map rendering. The source form my information regarding the sign indicating the end of the highway is a physical survey. Location taken with a Garmin Etrex GPS standing at the sign location.
52018-04-30 16:25:00 UTCBC Hiker I uploaded my full GPS track to show I was at this location.
62018-04-30 17:17:09 UTCBC Hiker Had a look at open street cam, this is the best shot I can find:
The sign is on the top of the no parking sign on the right.
72018-05-04 08:50:42 UTClacram_telenav Thanks for the GPS track! I also checked the delta map once again and it's working. I changed the road name from British Columbia Highway 17A to 62B Street in that part.
12018-04-12 21:20:11 UTCBC Hiker Is see a trend in your edits where you don't join roads and paths. Paths and roads must be joined together. A path crossing a road must also join that road. Driveways must also join the main road and not terminate at the curb. I have corrected It in the case of this edit.
22018-04-12 21:41:06 UTCiArlen Sorry about that. I’ll keep that in mind.
32018-04-12 21:50:02 UTCBC Hiker If you have not found the wiki, it has tagging and mapping guidelines:
12017-12-02 03:08:20 UTCBC Hiker This should no be tagged as a park. as per the note attached to the relation >>Provincial Parks are tagged as national_park since they fit the definition and are not small local parks (leisure=park)
12017-11-21 05:04:26 UTCBC Hiker Are these trails closed to all users? The access=no tag overrides all other access tags. The access by foot tag is set to yes, so there is a conflict in the access tags.
12017-06-28 17:14:12 UTCBC Hiker Sounds like this trail is now open based on this CVRD news:
22017-06-28 19:43:32 UTCalester I saw a similar article on the CRD site, so I went up on Saturday to check it out. The section from Stebbings Road to the CRD boundary near Finlayson View Place was completed in May, and the CRD's portion opened on Friday. However, when I was there on Saturday, the section between Sooke Lake Road an...
32017-06-28 20:04:43 UTCBC Hiker Thanks for the info. Will have to check it out, sounds like it should be good to go soon.
12017-05-04 02:38:32 UTCBC Hiker Why change the roads to service? These are major roads that run through this industrial area. All other roads that are similar are marked residential.
22017-05-04 02:55:57 UTCBC Hiker Should also point-out that Timberland road is now the only access to Robson street since the Elevator road interchange on the SFPR has been removed.
32017-05-10 09:03:15 UTClacram_telenav Hello! I changed the residential roads to service roads based on the information from wiki ( The residentials serve as an access to housing which is not the case in this area. Sorry for my late reply!
12017-04-30 02:25:59 UTCBC Hiker On way # 65719539 you have set:
Setting Access=no makes this a no access path for all users, was this your intent?
22017-04-30 02:35:04 UTC3ngineer No, I just corrected it.
12017-03-25 11:53:38 UTCkartler175 Is there a separate cycleway or a cycle lane on 128 Avenue? If not both is true, please remove one of these tags. One feature - one osm element:,_one_OSM_element#General_rules
22017-03-25 17:49:29 UTCBC Hiker Yes there is a separate paved cycle path on the north side of 128 ave. I have physically surveyed this and can provide a GPS track if required. 128 ave also has an on-road bike lane in addition to the separate path.
12017-03-16 06:08:16 UTCBC Hiker This change does not match what
I observed 7 months ago. Looks like you were using imagery.
I observed-No through for cars on 0ave west bound (bicycle ok), Hwy 13 ramp south is blocked to all traffic onto one-way road.
22017-03-16 06:59:20 UTCpetrar_telenav Hy,
I used the avaible OSC imagagery for the modifications. Can you be please more specific in what should I modify?
I can see that the ramp is blocked, I added the acces=no tag to this, but I don't think that the 0Ave is just for bicycles. If you are sure also in that, please make the changes.
32017-03-16 09:31:18 UTCBC Hiker I have changed 0 ave to one way at the junction with hwy 13 to reflect the blocked westbound lane. Set bicycle:backward=yes to allow routing of bicycles as they can bypass the block.
The imagery for this area is not current.
12016-12-06 17:54:06 UTCAlan Trick Hi BC Hiker,

You probably didn't alter this in this changeset, but I figure you might know something about it. The section of the TCT along the Fraser River between Gladwin Road and the the Mission Bridge is slightly different on OSM than the official sources (
22016-12-10 21:05:31 UTCBC Hiker Hi Alan.
Don't think I altered the TCT on the section between Gladwin and the Mission bridge. I did route the trail around the wastewater plant.
I also don't remember if there were any TCT markers along that section, sorry...
12016-10-14 19:00:35 UTCBC Hiker The old log crossing for the nordic trail has been removed. The bridge used for the hiking trail has been upgraded to a width that would allow the groomer to cross. I would expect the nordic ski trail to cross on the bridge this winter.
12016-09-20 17:53:07 UTCBC Hiker Please have a look at the wiki and follow tagging standards.

12016-09-20 08:28:39 UTCBC Hiker Please have a look at the wiki and follow tagging standards.
12016-06-15 21:25:29 UTCBC Hiker Can you provide contact info or web link?
12016-06-14 21:24:10 UTCBC Hiker From my understanding Fat dog (Cambie creek) is a winter only area and is not open during the summer for hiking. The "trail" you marked is a ski route.
22016-06-16 01:29:31 UTCAlan Trick There's certainly a trail below the treeline, so I figured it was just something that people didn't typically use in the summer because access from Blackwell Peak was easier. You might be right though.
32016-06-19 05:56:11 UTCAlan Trick I asked on clubtread and Bill Kinkaid said that it is not a officially maintained trail, but it goes (see and
12016-06-10 04:49:28 UTCBC Hiker This is not the proper use of a commercial area, it has been removed. Please read the wiki:
12016-05-30 20:13:32 UTCBC Hiker Might be better to mark it as a private road instead of deleting it from the map if it's still passable and not completely overgrown.
12015-06-02 02:42:18 UTCBC Hiker Add Viewpoint trail.
12015-06-01 20:24:42 UTCBC Hiker Move Williams peak trail to better match GPS data.
12015-06-01 20:23:40 UTCBC Hiker Add Radium lake trail.
12015-06-01 20:22:53 UTCBC Hiker Add Tunnel bluffs trail.
12015-06-01 20:22:14 UTCBC Hiker Adjust road alignment.
12015-06-01 20:20:28 UTCBC Hiker Continue trail to Evans peak from junction.
12015-06-01 20:18:10 UTCBC Hiker Add Williams peak route.
12015-06-01 20:16:10 UTCBC Hiker Change line type to match other hiking trails.
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