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12017-03-25 01:31:29 UTClokejul This area used to be a trailer park. It is now a townhouse complex under development

The following ways were traced from out-of-date Bing 2010 imagery but they have been demolished: 481542667, 481542666, 481542665, 481542664, 481542663.

The current status can be ...
12017-03-16 06:08:16 UTCBC Hiker This change does not match what
I observed 7 months ago. Looks like you were using imagery.
I observed-No through for cars on 0ave west bound (bicycle ok), Hwy 13 ramp south is blocked to all traffic onto one-way road.
22017-03-16 06:59:20 UTCpetrar_telenav Hy,
I used the avaible OSC imagagery for the modifications. Can you be please more specific in what should I modify?
I can see that the ramp is blocked, I added the acces=no tag to this, but I don't think that the 0Ave is just for bicycles. If you are sure also in that, please make the changes.
32017-03-16 09:31:18 UTCBC Hiker I have changed 0 ave to one way at the junction with hwy 13 to reflect the blocked westbound lane. Set bicycle:backward=yes to allow routing of bicycles as they can bypass the block.
The imagery for this area is not current.
12016-12-31 19:42:47 UTCAlouette955 I recently delete links ont this intersection and on Corbusier street due to recent major work. Please don't recreate it again they does not exists anymore.
22017-01-03 06:43:05 UTCpetrar_telenav Thank you for your correction. I will not add them.
12016-12-17 05:31:44 UTCabDoug added WRONG missing name
22016-12-17 15:08:42 UTCabDoug and another with wrong name - roads with wrong names are worse than roads with no name!
32016-12-19 07:06:09 UTCpetrar_telenav I have added the names from local data (Canvec) and Geobase Roads layer. If you have other local knowledge, please be kind add them correctly.
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