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12017-03-15 03:26:30 UTCabDoug you have mangled schools done according to a standard used across the city!
The building gets only street name and number. All other details including school name attach to the grounds.
Please look around and get some clues as to how things are done before going in and editing!
22017-03-15 03:28:55 UTCshellguard I'm sorry, it wasn't clear as some of objects here aren't marked at all comparing to Europe. Should I delete my change or it will be rejected?
12017-03-15 03:24:56 UTCabDoug Details attach to school grounds, not school buildings. The only details a school building should have are street name and number.
12017-03-14 17:14:11 UTCabDoug many of the features identified as footpaths (e.g. on Silvergrove Court, Sg Manor, Sg Gardens) are not paths at all but simply concrete curbs
12017-02-09 02:58:50 UTCabDoug You have mangled the intersection of Stoney Trail and Sarcee Trail NW. Put it back the way it was.
You are also slopping "implied turn restrictions" all over Calgary. Cite the Alberta law to support that these turn restrictions are valid.
12017-01-18 19:37:41 UTCabDoug If you are going to add missing road names, please do it properly in a manner consistent with the way names are done in the locale.
12016-12-17 05:31:44 UTCabDoug added WRONG missing name
22016-12-17 15:08:42 UTCabDoug and another with wrong name - roads with wrong names are worse than roads with no name!
32016-12-19 07:06:09 UTCpetrar_telenav I have added the names from local data (Canvec) and Geobase Roads layer. If you have other local knowledge, please be kind add them correctly.
12016-08-20 07:35:02 UTCkartler175 Please connect highways at to enable correct routing
22016-08-23 21:10:28 UTCabDoug If I did this in the changes, it certainly wasn't intentional. I may have deleted a node that connected Centre St directly to Memorial Drive (would be very messy if you followed a route that relied on that connection without question!), without realizing that it also connect two segments in tunnel.
32016-08-23 23:03:28 UTCabDoug There is something else very strange going on here. If I move the destination to west-bound Memorial just east of Crowchild Tr. & the start to west-bound Memorial just west of of the tunnel under Centre St, osrm_car finds a strange route but mapzen_car finds the appropriate route. Neither will work ...
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