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12017-12-04 03:11:34 UTCUAN51 Your tags that has "source=maxspeed=sign" is unnecessary and unsupported. Same with nodes of "traffic_sign=maxspeed". It only creates a redundancy and inefficient noding. "maxspeed=xx mph" is already enough on the roadway. Renderers and navigation systems will not suppo...
22017-12-04 13:16:39 UTCStackKorora I did that because the wiki says: "When mapping a speed limit sign for example: always add a maxspeed=* and a source:maxspeed=sign tag to the road itself. "

Did I do it wrong or is the wiki wrong? I need to know because I've been upda...
32017-12-04 19:26:09 UTCUAN51 Wiki is wrong. Mapbox, osm-carto, Telenav, and others do not support node "traffic_sign=maxspeed" and "source=maxspeed=sign". This "traffic_sign=maxspeed" is only creating node inefficiency. "maxspeed=xx mph" already exists on roads so there is no need to make...
42017-12-04 23:12:46 UTCStackKorora Thanks for the information. How do we get the wiki corrected then?
12017-11-27 05:44:23 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! A maxspeed sign doesn't have a name!
22017-11-27 05:47:58 UTCuser_5359 and don't forget the maxspped value on the road (see
32017-11-28 03:54:02 UTCStackKorora Thanks for the feedback! I captured a bunch of speed limit signs recently. I will make sure to update the road as well.
12017-10-31 02:26:47 UTCVlIvYur
Is there really 10300 levels?
22017-10-31 03:01:34 UTCStackKorora Good Catch. Sorry, wrong field. Should be address. I'll fix.
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