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12018-08-18 01:18:32 UTCStackKorora Dah! I clicked the review button on accident. Please close this. There is no reason for a review.
12018-07-20 01:12:23 UTCPaul Johnson Don't forget OSM uses metric units by default, to specify mph, you must add "mph", ie, maxspeed=70 mph
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22018-07-20 01:36:19 UTCStackKorora Thanks. Overlooked these. Good catch. Fixed.
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12018-07-16 03:12:25 UTCStackKorora Sorry for wasting your time. I checked the box by accident by clicking too fast. This was a super simple edit.
12018-07-14 19:37:18 UTCsannkc Good job spotting this. You can use the tag busway=opposite_lane here. More info:
22018-07-14 22:36:28 UTCStackKorora Thanks! Fixed. Also, if you ever want to join us on the slack channel, there is a sub-channel for #kansascityosm that we would be happy to have you in.
12018-06-17 12:54:43 UTCchachafish Howdy :) Thank you for your additions to the map. A number of edits you created popped up as OSM Inspector-tagged errors. In the city of Silverthorne you named addresses as “duplex” or “triplex”. These are actually descriptions, not names. It would be similar to adding a tree...
22018-06-17 12:54:56 UTCchachafish Additionally, if you are going to use address nodes, the address nodes need to be attached to the building they describe. If you just drag each node to the edge of the building, it will attach itself. That way, OSM knows what the address shoud be linked to. OSM flags these addresses as errors becaus...
32018-06-17 12:55:11 UTCchachafish You can see every error that has been flagged by going to this link:,ways_with_empty_k,nodes_with_empty_v,ways_with_empty_v,node_tags_with_whitespace,way_tags_with_whitespace...
42018-06-17 16:58:51 UTCStackKorora Thanks for the clarifications. I didn't know about the address points. I can fix those. As for the State letters, I had wondered if that was correct but I was just being lazy and selecting what was in the drop down box. I will fix those too. :-)
Thanks again for clarifying.
52018-06-17 17:04:12 UTCStackKorora A follow up question. When I asked about how to do duplexes in IRC about a year ago, the advice I was given was how I was doing it. They also told me specifically to not break up the building as in the example you cited. I added the duplex name so that others would know why I associated so many addr...
62018-06-17 22:40:25 UTCchachafish Dividing the building, to me, makes sense if there is an obvious break between houses or townhomes, etc. It's simply a reflection of reality. For example, 3345 West 18th Avenue, Denver. If you go to the official website of you will see each house is split...
72018-06-17 22:42:50 UTCchachafish Once you get into multi-level apartment buildings, splits are not at all clear and if you have a 20-storey building it's completely impractical. The best way to handle that is with interior mapping. Go to the link below to see an example. Toggle through the different levels to see different floors. ...
82018-06-17 22:46:40 UTCchachafish Of course, if you do not divide a building, but simply add addresses via nodes and attach them to the building, you're on solid ground :)
92018-06-17 22:54:14 UTCchachafish 861 Humbolt is an example of nodes attached to the building. The Belcourt Apartments across the street is an example of using interpolation. Articles on interpolation can be found on OSM Wiki.
102018-06-19 00:27:12 UTCStackKorora Thanks for all the information. I really appreciate it. I've been able to fix a bunch of multiplexes recently with this new info. And that one multi-level building is quite amazing.
112018-06-19 01:51:52 UTCchachafish No probs. If you have any questions, let me know :)
12017-12-04 03:11:34 UTCUAN51 Your tags that has "source=maxspeed=sign" is unnecessary and unsupported. Same with nodes of "traffic_sign=maxspeed". It only creates a redundancy and inefficient noding. "maxspeed=xx mph" is already enough on the roadway. Renderers and navigation systems will not suppo...
22017-12-04 13:16:39 UTCStackKorora I did that because the wiki says: "When mapping a speed limit sign for example: always add a maxspeed=* and a source:maxspeed=sign tag to the road itself. "

Did I do it wrong or is the wiki wrong? I need to know because I've been upda...
32017-12-04 19:26:09 UTCUAN51 Wiki is wrong. Mapbox, osm-carto, Telenav, and others do not support node "traffic_sign=maxspeed" and "source=maxspeed=sign". This "traffic_sign=maxspeed" is only creating node inefficiency. "maxspeed=xx mph" already exists on roads so there is no need to make...
42017-12-04 23:12:46 UTCStackKorora Thanks for the information. How do we get the wiki corrected then?
12017-11-27 05:44:23 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! A maxspeed sign doesn't have a name!
22017-11-27 05:47:58 UTCuser_5359 and don't forget the maxspped value on the road (see
32017-11-28 03:54:02 UTCStackKorora Thanks for the feedback! I captured a bunch of speed limit signs recently. I will make sure to update the road as well.
12017-10-31 02:26:47 UTCVlIvYur
Is there really 10300 levels?
22017-10-31 03:01:34 UTCStackKorora Good Catch. Sorry, wrong field. Should be address. I'll fix.
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