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12017-02-17 07:42:03 UTCsrividya_c Hi wgruzek,

Thank you for your contribution to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you have retraced this island but you have not given the right tagging combination. Please follow wiki to know how to trace islands. I have made changes in my changeset #4...
22017-02-17 08:00:39 UTCwgruzek Thanks srividya_c.
I am unsure what I missed, I have a name as well, as Natural:coastline and place:islet

32017-02-17 09:36:44 UTCsrividya_c Great wgruzek. I didn't name it as I was unsure of it. You can name it if you know the name exactly based on your local knowledge.

42017-02-17 09:39:42 UTCwgruzek Srividya_c

Thanks! I have a lot of data about this region, but I find it rather tedious to enter via OSM (I am more a GIS, ESRI, shapefile person).
Out of curiousity, do you know how long/if they will update the base image of the islands? Aka the white boxy polygons they currently have in the vi...
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