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12017-09-04 17:55:52 UTCgeoaria ??
12017-09-04 17:52:24 UTCgeoaria شاهین نیا جان باز هم این لینک map.namaa.ثبت شد.
12017-04-12 14:34:37 UTCOsm1980 salam inja payane nist,inja istgahe metroe
12017-03-05 13:46:37 UTCIbnTēšfīn As-Salamu Alaykum,
You removed from some places of worship the religion tag. I have previously seen you and other Iranian mappers doing so. Can you please explain me the reason for making such edits? Is it because these are not mosques but husayniyyat and imamzadehs ?
22017-03-19 07:29:42 UTCShahinnia hi
have a nice day and happy to talk to you.
I edit tehran and as you said, i may deleted some points.
but let me explain. when I omit a point, change it into an area. so be relaxed and conformed that they aren't gone.
besides one of my sources is tehran municipality
you c...
32017-03-19 14:35:13 UTCIbnTēšfīn Hi,
Thank you for answering my comment.
I think you did not understand me correctly.
This is what I am talking about : was created like this :
amenity = place_of_worship
building = yes
denomination = shia
name = امامزادگان هفت دخترا...
42017-03-19 17:17:16 UTCShahinnia I'm editing map with my mobile (Note4) while I'm free in my working place. we are not allowed to use our own laptop. so it's very hard for me to use all suitable Tags. forgive me If I have done any thing wrong. I really didn't delet any information consciously.
Forgive my cellphone. ;-)
52017-03-19 18:36:03 UTCIbnTēšfīn OK no problem
12017-03-18 16:45:38 UTCIbnTēšfīn Assalamu Alaykum.
You have not replied to my comment on this changeset : Please stop deleting religion tags from places of worships that are not mosques. It does not make any sense.
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