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12017-09-27 14:07:47 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Andrey Yusov. It's me again, sorry. You have used `fuel:CNG`, but it's all lowercase `fuel:cng`. Please have a look at ;-)
22017-09-28 00:39:52 UTCAndrey Yusov Yes, I was wrong again. Has corrected.
12017-09-22 07:20:35 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Andrey Yusov. At you have tagged `fuel:methan`. Did you mean `fuel:methanol` instead?
22017-09-22 09:24:41 UTCAndrey Yusov Hi. Here they sell methane fuel, not methanol.
32017-09-23 17:03:06 UTChighflyer74 Hello you two!

I think the correct tagging in this case is fuel:cng=yes because CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) mainly consists of methane. I know it because my car runs on it. The liquid gas for cars (instead of gaseous) is called LPG and is not methane, but consists of propane and butane.

I ho...
42017-09-25 07:30:54 UTCAndrey Yusov OK. I agree. CNG is suitable. Has corrected. Thank you.
12017-04-18 13:08:44 UTCdell4valt Уважаемый, зачем вы убрали теги building со зданий?
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