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12018-05-13 02:17:27 UTCIDKS Това не е никакво трасе за биатлон, а е ски писта. Моля те престани да променяш места на които не си бил.
22018-05-13 22:02:25 UTCplamen Питай потребител Langlaeufer, той го е кръстил така. Но може би не е грешка.
32018-05-13 22:16:01 UTCplamen relaciq 380223
42018-05-18 15:38:24 UTCIDKS Мда извинявай, не доглеждам и съм решил поради някаква причина, че ти си ги променил. Не е там това трасе минава покрай водния басейн на юг, но нямам трак, че да го про...
12018-05-07 21:59:31 UTCIDKS кубо не е там, има го на картата малко по на север
12018-04-24 22:01:08 UTCIDKS There is a big boulder in the middle of the road.
22018-04-25 08:53:07 UTCmozinator1 this is no longer the case, the stone has been removed for some time now
32018-04-25 08:55:57 UTCmozinator1 my bad, not sure about this part of toma vishanov. will check if the stone is still there
42018-04-25 13:23:34 UTCIDKS No worries, I just passed nearby 30 minutes ago and the stone is still there. I am going to put it back as pedestrian.
12018-03-16 15:36:58 UTCIDKS Има ли замък там?
12018-03-14 23:23:57 UTCIDKS You need to tag it as building too, otherwise is just empty area. I will fix this one.
12018-03-13 20:45:53 UTCIDKS Does that path goes on top of the building?
22018-03-13 20:51:03 UTCKandev There is arcade way under the building.
32018-03-13 21:04:20 UTCIDKS Added tag tunnel:yes or it will look like the path is on top of the building.
12018-03-04 14:56:21 UTCopendcc No useful data. should be reverted.
22018-03-05 04:44:38 UTCopendcc This is obviously something to be use in multipolygon. Please use landuse areas directly as inner. And the mulitploygon has selfcrossing section, I think there are better ways to do this ...
32018-03-05 05:45:26 UTCIDKS Why today you are the third guy come to mess with this particular area? Can't say what you left is better - it is just bunch of broken ways relations.
One other guy came and reverted some changes which moved some nodes, and another one came after him to delete bunch of things and now you are leavin...
42018-03-05 06:53:38 UTCopendcc Hello,

the mess was already there. A very large multipolygon, selfintersecting. With inners, no attributes at all, but a nearly similar shaped landuse embedded. I fixed two inner areas, but had not the time to fix all issues. Your invited to do the rest.

best regards
12018-03-04 19:02:16 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 56858688, 56859381, 56870178, 56870921.
22018-03-04 19:49:28 UTCPrince Kassad This revert accidentally moved over a thousand nodes to (0,0), some of them with TIGER data. Fixed this with changeset 56879900:
32018-03-04 22:19:52 UTCIDKS What are you guys doing? Blocking legitimate users and fixing reverts by deleting bunch of nodes?
42018-03-05 11:01:30 UTCwoodpeck Indeed, the revert script had a bug where those nodes that it wanted to delete (because they were deleted before, and had been re-activated in the changeset to be reverted) were instead moved to 0,0. Thank you for fixing this.
12018-03-04 22:06:48 UTCIDKS She/he was doing good work mapping ways, and I don't understand your reasons behind the block - they are quire vague and non-understandable. Have you check the user history?
Most of the edits are in one area and to me they do not look like they are automatic.
Care to explain yourself a little bit ...
22018-03-05 10:55:18 UTCwoodpeck Did you read the block message? Thousands of un-attributed and un-used nodes, often re-using node IDs from across the globe that were long since deleted, re-activating these buggy notes without comment after they were deleted by a community member, and not reacting to questions asked about these iss...
12018-01-29 14:43:35 UTCIDKS Здрасти, едната точка от парка е сложена като паркинг, не е ли грешка?
12017-12-20 23:09:09 UTCIDKS Здрасти, сигурен ли си, че това са от където минават админстративните граници на общините?
22017-12-21 09:15:31 UTCianko4olakov Да, за абсолютно всички промени съм сигурен, кадастрални и административни граници - това ми е професията.
32017-12-21 16:20:02 UTCIDKS Добре, извинявай - не знаех.
12017-12-07 01:59:09 UTCIDKS Здрасти, този път между Велинград и Ракитово не е ли черен? Ако е черен, без асфалт по принцип ги маркират като unmantained track road.
12017-07-14 18:09:47 UTCIDKS Там няма скали.
22017-07-14 19:56:22 UTCplamen Не намерих по-подходящо за скат.
12017-06-08 19:31:50 UTCIDKS Ако триеш области(гора) виж дали няма други области в тях на които е добавен relation към преместените/изтрити, трябва и relations да се махат.
22017-06-09 07:20:24 UTCAsensancho Исках да оправя района на Троян и Рибарица, оказа се непосилна задача, някой го е замазал с тази правоъгълна гора, ами да си го оправя.
12017-05-20 23:49:37 UTCIDKS Не слагай ул. пред имената, виж
12017-05-19 21:43:53 UTCIDKS По принцип ограждат по-големи места за жилищни зони, включващи улиците. Може да погледнеш някой друг малък град.
12017-05-04 18:24:00 UTCIDKS Сложил си двора на училището върху сградата. Какво си опитал да добавиш?
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