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12017-08-08 16:07:34 UTCGlenn Plas This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 50736668, 50738065.
12016-11-09 13:39:46 UTCbxl-forever Dear Glenn,
This changeset is puzzling me. It looks as if you have made lots of changes in Brussels street names based on a list out of UrbIS. I use UrbIS data too, as it is very often a good referee about where a street officially starts and ends.
However, there seem to be a few cases with disc...
22016-11-09 13:54:59 UTCGlenn Plas damn. I based myself on the rule that accented letters in french is not ok. The list you can find in a pdf in the repository on github. I usually add this as a part of the changeset comments but didn't do this on this particualar set. see

But, I've been m...
32016-11-09 14:00:28 UTCGlenn Plas I can't see anything on right now

If I get the official list, I'll add this in the validator, that would be awesome.
42016-11-09 14:38:49 UTCbxl-forever Okay, it’s great that we think alike. In the mean time I had created an issue on GitHub, therefore sorry for raising the same issue twice. does not seem to provide a usable list, unfortunately the only visible part is a map (which requires Flash, grrr), but you can have a...
52016-11-09 17:04:33 UTCGlenn Plas No, by all means, tx for raising this, I'm addicted to improving and structuring data and it flatters me you take the time to check my work. Excellent. It's all about improving it. Keep the issue open on github. I had a hard time finding streetname lists and that doc looked was better than anyt...
62017-04-21 08:22:11 UTCGlenn Plas I made a github comment addreses to you , I want to fix the mistakes I made but I need some help to get source data. Tx
12016-10-05 13:18:21 UTCbxl-forever Hello,
Thanks for the changes you made in recent days.
I am afraid to inform you that "t’Serclaesstraat" in Brussels city centre is to be written with a lower-case "t". It is named after Brussels Middle Age hero Everaard t'Serclaes. I know it can be confusing, especiall...
22016-10-05 13:42:10 UTCGlenn Plas I used a document with correct names, it has it in capital T:

Rue T'Serclaes / T'Serclaesstraat

I found it highly accurate until now. See
32016-10-05 13:43:38 UTCGlenn Plas I hope that is the only error, The case will probably not matter in geocoding searches. Tx for the history lessons .
42016-10-05 14:08:43 UTCGlenn Plas I fixed the streetname spelling as well, it's important to keep that in sync with the name of the way. See
12015-12-16 19:23:11 UTCKillian De Volder In de bormtestraat heeft het huis met nummer 9 als straatnaam "Bormte".
Dit is foutief: dit moet "Bormtestraat" (tenzij natuulijk de straatnaam foutief is.)
12015-11-12 16:23:57 UTCGlenn Plas Tool parse log available here:
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