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12017-06-26 13:19:07 UTCborishag Beste Tobi,
Graag alle nodes van Kruidvat Winkels laten staan als node, in verband met de vindbaarheid en de bedrijfsrichtlijnen van AS Watson. (bron: AS Watson BNL) Ik zal de node weer terugplaatsen.


Editor AS Watson Stores
12017-04-18 09:22:35 UTCphilippec Is the drinking water on the Jachtweg Ravels new ? There is nothing to see on the grass in the imagery, even though the shadows are long.
12017-04-10 10:29:38 UTCnikhilprabhakar Hi Tobi2001,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap, the largest data project in the world! I saw that you have added a greenfield and a pond which doesn't look present in the satellite imagery. The greenfield can only be used for large areas where there has been no buildings etc in the past. And the pond do...
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