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12017-04-15 16:38:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
it's a bit strange that this railway in Greece uses German signaling. Could you check that?
22017-04-19 03:44:15 UTCLowe253 Hi Jan,
Greek Railways do actually uses german signalling although this might sound bizarre to people. This is not a full replication of ESO, but a lite version (no train protection system, no electrified rails until late 90's and so on). If you try wikipedia you can check also the historical reas...
32017-04-19 09:04:14 UTCmueschel Alright, I wasn't aware of this. I stumbled across it because of a spelling mistake: railway:signal:main:f should be railway:signal:main:form, I think.
42017-04-19 10:42:03 UTCLowe253 You are right, my bad...
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