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12018-04-24 18:58:10 UTCUnhallowed Hello Akim,

Thank you for your contribution.

What you might consider doing is connecting the path to the road in a way that makes sense. Otherwise the path will be inaccessible to any apps that use the map because they aren't connected.

This looks to be some sort of park, you might even con...
12017-12-20 17:17:48 UTCUnhallowed Hello,

When a foot path crosses a road you should connect them. Otherwise, it will prevent apps from being able to route across them.

Thank you for your contributions,
12017-12-13 04:37:31 UTCUnhallowed Hello Sleyk,

Thank you for your contributions, while we appreciate the effort I'll have to ask you to please refrain from adding parks where parks do not exist. People put a lot of effort into creating accurate maps for everyone to use, not just for the benefit of Pokemon GO.

Thank you,
12017-12-05 23:20:59 UTCUnhallowed Hello bobbydigital,

I appreciate your effort and joining the mapping community, however, adding fake parks, rivers, and lakes to your house damages the time and effort that others have put in to create an accurate map for all to use.

I encourage you to only map existing features as you see the...
12017-07-28 17:08:18 UTCUnhallowed Hello MiggyMidnight, this appears to be your first and only edit. Please know that we appreciate your effort but people put a lot of time into this community map to ensure it's accuracy. Placing parks and lakes may benefit your Pokemon game, but it has potential to set back a lot of work that has be...
22017-07-29 06:29:18 UTCDavidKewley @Unhallowed: I appreciate your watching for Pokemon Go edits that may be inappropriate. In this specific changeset, looking at Achavi and imagery, the edits look legitimate to me. What specifically did you see in this changeset that caused you concern?
32017-08-21 16:59:51 UTCMiggyMidnight @Unhallowed: I appreciate your interest in my edits. I will, however, suggest that you do more research before blatantly accusing someone of trying to negatively affect the accuracy of OpenStreetMap by creating false edits. If by some chance my eyes deceived me and I did not see a public restroom or...
42017-08-21 19:42:29 UTCUnhallowed Hilarious. There was previously a lake and park attached to Bristol street as well as the various foot paths surrounding the park and all over the street. I personally reverted the bad edits in here:

You're a real piece of work Miggy. ;)
52017-08-22 06:29:31 UTCDavidKewley @Unhallowed: You did do good cleanup in that changeset, but the improper edits that you cleaned up were not placed by MiggyMidnight, but by 921sancho. See You did nice work technically, but please be careful about attribution of mischief, and if so...
12017-07-25 20:15:45 UTCUnhallowed These are very clearly false changes done to the map. Please remove the park and parking. Going forward if you wish to improve your Pokemon Go experience I suggest making legitimate changes, not fake ones that will eventually be removed.
22017-07-25 20:40:34 UTCiandees Reverted in
12017-06-20 20:12:26 UTCUnhallowed Why does your town of residence span across nine states?
22017-06-22 12:04:24 UTCMedigo I clicked a known huge company in California to see how others had listed business addresses as I was having issues searching ours on a map that claims to use OpenStreetMap for its data. It counted it as an "edit" though I changed nothing and I couldn't remove it from the log.
12017-05-18 21:20:41 UTCUnhallowed This is clearly a fake park and foot path for exploit of Pokemon Go. Please use OSM responsibly.
12017-02-02 07:11:25 UTCUnhallowed Good job finding this unmarked park, but I actually think these are two separate parks. From the zoning map it looks like Kingsbriar Park only goes from Brookmont Dr to Fairmont Blvd. Then Rio del Oro Park starts at Avenida Puesta Del Sol and ends at Avenida Del Este.
12017-01-28 00:20:08 UTCUnhallowed Can someone with more experience please review these changes by VeganEmperor?
I'm pretty sure he erased some cycle paths at the Aquarium of the Pacific that were here before, which from what I read is a huge detriment to the map.
22017-01-30 19:59:55 UTCUnhallowed Disregard, this changeset doesn't include the bike path changes.
12017-01-30 19:58:49 UTCUnhallowed VeganEmperor, you shouldn't override bike paths into footpaths. This bike path is clearly marked, I will be requesting a revert on this changeset.
12017-01-27 05:41:33 UTCBootprint Is this park real?
22017-01-28 00:12:11 UTCUnhallowed No, it's a Pokemon player abusing the map.

Santa Monica already has amazing Pokemon spawns, don't be greedy.

I'm still new here, can someone revert this?
32017-01-28 09:33:05 UTCChrysopras I already tried to revert that changeset, but this is a complicated case, so I asked for help:
I hope some experienced mapper can do the revert.
42017-02-01 09:58:05 UTCChrysopras For the record: this changeset was reverted with – thanks to mapper FvGordon for his help!
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