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12017-08-14 10:21:50 UTCoormilavinod hey higuy welcome to Osm , here we really apprecite people who are contributing to our maps as this is helpinga number of people using this map. but i see that see that you have been adding multiple random edits that cause serious destruction to the map. please do not make such edits. reverting this...
12017-08-14 05:32:19 UTCsaikabhi Hi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Why are you adding fictional waterways to the map? Please do not do that. Reverting your changes.

12017-08-14 05:15:56 UTCoormilavinod hey higuy, welcome to OSM, thank you for adding to the map. but I notice that you have changed a school compound to a park. reverting this change . have a nice day
12017-04-19 21:50:57 UTCjraller Holmes should be shown as a school, not a park.
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