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12017-04-12 21:18:35 UTCGlassman It appears you added a new park on top of the existing park. You only needed to adjust the boundaries of the existing park. According to Renton city records, there is actually two different named parks here. I fixed both.
22017-04-17 04:16:18 UTCgoofyspouse TY for fixing my newbie mistake. I was attempting to adjust the boundary rather than create anything new, but I clearly failed.
32017-04-18 04:57:21 UTCGlassman No problem - Glad to see you contributing
12017-04-12 21:20:02 UTCGlassman You can look at the USGS hydrology(sp?) for information on where the creek runs. I did add culverts where the stream runs under streets. Otherwise it would appear that the road runs right through the stream.
22017-04-17 03:45:57 UTCgoofyspouse TY for the culvert assistance. I couldn't figure out how to get it to do that. Also, thanks for the USGS tip. Unfortunately, it shows the creek coming in from the west and then heading south. It definitely comes in from the east by the elementary school, so I have no idea what source they were w...
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