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12017-09-10 13:09:29 UTChadw I'm pretty sure none of the car parks around Kenmore Avenue are available for general public use, but, by not specifying an access tag, that is what you are telling routing software.

Please consider adding access tags.
22017-09-10 13:13:45 UTChadw Also note that parking aisles are part of car parks, so it is not normal to show distinct car parks on each side of an aisle. Please only do this if they have different attributes, e.g. customer versus staff, or different owners.
32017-09-10 13:30:51 UTChadw If you know the extent of the Kadwa Centre grounds, it would be helpful if you added them to the map. In fact, the name should be attached to the grounds, rather than the building.

The whole site will be an amenity=*, but I'm not sure exactly what sort of amenity to use for these. amenity=commu...
12017-07-21 22:58:08 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Surrey Close" from the cul-de-sac here? It broke a match against Ordnance Survey Locator:
22017-07-21 23:13:03 UTCTeq Mane Hi, No did not mean to remove the name, hopefully I've corrected it,

thanks for spotting that.
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