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12017-05-11 08:11:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it overlaps with the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added there.
It's been deleted now, but have you any idea how incorrect latitude and long...
22017-05-11 21:59:30 UTCmappreuss Hi, I have no idea how this node was dropped…sorry about that. I wonder if this is a JOSM bug because it looks like you reverted other nodes at this exact location and I certainly didn't drop it manually. I don’t think I even zoomed over “null island” but thanks for fixing i...
32017-05-11 22:14:25 UTCSomeoneElse To be honest, I think it's a JOSM bug too, since it's happened to a few other people too. So far no-one's been able to say "I did XYZ just before the problem appeared".
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