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12018-01-05 16:15:43 UTCneuhausr Hi, I'm wondering why you've disconnected the sidewalks from the streets?
22018-01-05 16:24:32 UTCChezfisto I felt that it looked strange, like the sidewalk was extending into the middle of the street. I can add them back if that's how it should be mapped.
32018-01-05 16:39:48 UTCneuhausr I think that's the convention for areas like this, it's especially useful for routing. More info here:
42018-01-05 17:07:40 UTCChezfisto Okay thanks, going through now adding them back as street crossings
12017-05-08 14:29:50 UTCneuhausr Hi, looking at the Amery Golf Club ( I think you've misunderstood golf course tagging. Most importantly, you do not need to create that include all features in a golf course--the outline of leisure=golf_course should surround all these features. And eve...
12017-04-11 15:15:36 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! I notice that in these edits you've tried to create "islands" in landuse areas in the wrong way. You should be using multipolygon relations. See on the wiki for a description, and the Relations section of the iD Edito...
22017-04-12 04:25:30 UTCChezfisto Okay thanks. I think I fixed some of them. I understood making "islands" by merging two things together. Should I be doing that for two bordering areas (like forest and wetland) or only if one totally encompasses the other. (Sorry, all the code stuff on the wiki confused me)
32017-04-12 14:26:25 UTCneuhausr I think that's better. I'd just use the "merge" for areas contained by other areas. If there are adjacent areas with the same tag, I think you need to merge them more manually. In case it helps, I did a couple others (the ponds N of 100th and W of 143rd, the island in the N end of the lake...
12017-03-28 08:31:40 UTCSpanholz Nice accurate mapping!
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