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12017-04-18 17:51:42 UTCBCNorwich Hi, it would be good to tell folk what type of shop it is, grocery, art maybe even electrical?
22017-04-19 05:59:06 UTCMulanlaoshi Great suggestion. Thanks. This was my first experience of Open Street Maps....didn't think anyone would notice : )
32017-04-19 06:27:14 UTCBCNorwich Hi, no problem and thanks for considering the advice.
There's a lot of folk who would make mischief of something they can easily manipulate. Hence some OSMers glance at new folk editing and give advice when appropriate (or rectify mistakes). I've taken the liberty to amend your opening hours tag to...
12017-04-18 17:54:02 UTCBCNorwich Removed the duplicate postbox
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