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12017-11-09 21:42:12 UTC4004 thanks. can't believe we missed that. it even propagated to apple maps
12017-09-26 07:59:32 UTCchnav Could you please explain why you split service roads to different parts. Pleas do not adjust database for any specific software or renderer. Thanks.
12017-09-06 08:43:31 UTCAmZaf شما خیابان لاری در کرمانشاه را که روی نهر آبشوران احداث شده اشتباه نامگذاری کرده اید. چنین خیابانی به این نام هیچ وقت نداشته‌ایم و نداریم. نمی‌دانم مرجع شما کجاس...
12017-07-28 18:01:23 UTCMarych_ Hi
how you decide that road geometry is wrong?
Do you have actual gps tracks ?
22017-07-31 14:59:02 UTCA Rastered Development I aligned the roads to the new Digital Globe imagery that was added to OSM:
32017-07-31 15:47:30 UTCMarych_ This is wrong. Any imagery may have an offset.
Alignment should be performed based on GPS tracks.
In My opinion you did unnesesary changes.
Every armchair mapper should know that all remotely-sensed imagery (e.g. satellite images and ae...
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