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12017-12-05 22:07:18 UTCNavid Hosseinzadeh چرا درجه بندی بلوار جمهوری رو کم کردید و به صورت ناقص و خراب اینکار رو انجام دادید؟
22017-12-06 18:20:51 UTCTopol65 بله حق با شماست، این اشتباه من بود و ممنونم از شما که اصلاح فرمودید
12017-10-03 06:02:45 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review the ways with highway=crossing like this:
It should be tagged highway=footway + footway=crossing
and it should share a node wiith the major road. This shared node is tagged highway=crossing and maybe more tags like ...
22017-10-03 20:54:52 UTCTopol65 Thank you for pointing this out! I have fixed these tags.
32017-10-04 06:48:46 UTCGerdP Thanks! See
where I changed the mapping for one footway. At this place it is not a sidewalk but a crossing, and it is not covered:
Always make sure that the node with highway=crossing is shared by the foo...
42017-10-04 20:27:04 UTCTopol65 Thanks
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