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12018-02-04 00:40:30 UTCjleedev Looks like a duplicate here:
22018-02-09 16:30:05 UTCGeoKitten Good eye. I was about to fix it but it looks like you already did. Thanks.
32018-02-09 16:32:12 UTCjleedev I've caught several of these actually — are you properly searching for multipolygon buildings that are already mapped?
42018-02-10 19:42:27 UTCGeoKitten Actually, I might not be. Maybe JOSM's validator doesn't work for multipolygon buildings. I will investigate the issue and manually inspect the data I upload for multipolygon building-releated issues.
12017-10-29 21:29:39 UTCGeoKitten_import Reverted in changeset 53352897
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