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12017-12-14 13:47:38 UTCBCNorwich Hello, I said before that you are duplicating house outlines.
Way: 546598415 is now triplicated.
Way: 546598412 is duplicated with one node joined to the next building.
Way: 546598410 is duplicated.
I don't know how you are doing this but I've already corrected a great many of your duplication...
22017-12-29 08:04:22 UTCBCNorwich Fixed!
12017-12-14 13:48:53 UTCBCNorwich Both buildings are duplicated!
22017-12-29 08:03:44 UTCBCNorwich Fixed!
12017-12-14 13:55:56 UTCBCNorwich Recreation Ground is duplicated.
22017-12-29 07:54:52 UTCBCNorwich Houses are duplicated!
32017-12-29 07:59:30 UTCBCNorwich Hi, After no response I've remove the duplicated areas keeping the first mapped items.
Regards Bernard
12017-12-14 13:53:27 UTCBCNorwich All buildings in the changeset are duplicated as well as many more along this road!
22017-12-29 07:52:11 UTCBCNorwich Hi, after no response I've removed the duplicated buildings, keeping the first mapped items.
Regards Bernard
12017-12-07 09:37:09 UTCBCNorwich Hello, the houses you are adding on Valley View are already mapped so the are now duplication. I have removed some of the duplication's.
Regards Bernard
22017-12-14 13:32:41 UTCBCNorwich No response so I've removed all (I think) of the duplicate buildings.
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