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12017-11-05 06:57:00 UTCtonyf1 Hi. This still looks like SEO spam to me. Your first attempt was at the post office. This version has a street name but no street number. The website only gives a PO box. The node is placed in the road reserve. I will happily accept a map location that matches a physical address on your website.
22017-11-06 07:22:33 UTCtonyf1 No reply to comment. Deleting because the feature does not exist at this location
32017-11-06 09:35:48 UTCDynamic HVAC Hey Tony..I don't know who made you "god all mighty" in relation to open street map but if you took the time to check the ASIC register you would see that the address where the pin is located is the actual registered business address. What is listed on my website is a mailing address !! I ...
42017-11-06 11:11:37 UTCtonyf1 Thanks for the reply. I have restored the node. I have moved it from the road reserve to the adjacent property. Can you please confirm it is on the right property. A street number would be good.
52017-11-07 21:59:44 UTCaharvey There has been an influx of poor quality SEO entries where we don't hear back on changeset comments when things don't add up. Sorry you got caught up in this @Dynamic HVAC, but glad to see things have been worked out in the end. Thanks @tonyf1 for always being on the ball!
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