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12018-03-11 20:32:54 UTCWarin61 Hi,
For things like parks use the LPI Base Map - it has the legal boundaries and names of the park. I have changed Rathmines Park to match the Base Map rather than imagery.
22018-03-27 03:12:03 UTCaharvey I think it's fine to use the imagery, in fact even preferable, after all the imagery reflect what's on the ground, which is what we should be mapping, not what the legal boundaries of the land parcels designated for the park.
32018-03-27 20:42:41 UTCWarin61 It can be hard to determine what is part of the park.
Is the Catalina Conference Center part of the Park?
Is the foot path to Starboard Close part of the park? And, if so .. how wide is the parks area there?
These things are easier to determine using the base map.
42018-03-28 15:12:25 UTCjkiht9 Next time I'll use both the imagery and LPI base map. I briefly visited the area in person and I mapped the limited bits I saw.
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